IPL 2015: The Halfway Story


Time flies and it sure flies fast! We are already a month in and halfway through the IPL.

All the initial anxieties about whether the party is going to be a boring one, have been safely put aside, as this edition is rolling out to be one of the most exciting ones ever.


Here is a look at the points table and a quick analysis of the prospective final-four finishers and the ones likely to end at the bottom:



Chennai Super Kings

They currently enjoy the spot at the top of the table. Their net run rate too, is the best across the table. Also taking into account the fact that they have consistently finished in the top teams, through all the IPL seasons, their chances of making the qualifiers are pretty much guaranteed.


Rajasthan Royals

Although they differ from the Super Kings only on a run rate basis, they have played more matches than any other side. For this reason, the fact that they have the most points, can be slightly misleading. However, their chances are still pretty high, but let’s hope the rain doesn’t play a spoiler again.


Royal Challengers Bangalore

Slowly and steadily, they have been making their way to the top of the table. If they continue with this form, the only way seems up, and I would bet my money on them. They are however, a little inconsistent at times and may be a cause of worry, as it cannot be afforded in the later stages.


Kolkata Knight Riders

They have their days, and then they don’t. Currently they stand at a decent position, but having said that, they cannot take it too easy. The defending champions need to avoid the inconsistent form, that has been their trend that they have religiously followed this season and need to pick up their game.


Delhi Daredevils

Here is one more team that has a graph full of crests and troughs (way more than the healthy acceptable amount). Just as fans begin to discount them, they pull a win. Since, they’re unpredictable, it would be difficult to estimate their end-fate in the tournament, but I would not count them out.


Sunrisers Hyderabad

Currently, they don’t stand at a great position, but could possible make it if they win almost all of their matches from hereon. However, given the messy top end of the table and the scramble that it sill be to clinch those qualifying spots, they really cannot afford any mistakes if they are to make it.


Mumbai Indians

They have hardly any points on the board and are fighting a losing battle. They won their last couple of matches but it might just be a little too late, because given the stage of the tournament, a few wins here and there just will not cut it. They really will need a miracle, if at all.


Kings 11 Punjab

They currently flank the lower end of the table, standing at last spot. The chances of this changing are unlikely, but yes, they too are potential party poopers. They finished second last time, but by the looks of it, unfortunately, second from last is probably as good as they would finish.


So let’s turn up the music (yes, the kind that is played after every other ball in the stadium) a little and sit back (literally) and enjoy the latter half of the tournament!




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