The Flipkart Story – Shut website, go app-only?

The current year has already been quite eventful for Flipkart, in terms of both surprises and breakdowns. More than the usual amount of surprises, actually. Despite these sudden happenings, here’s why Flipkart won’t stop being Flipkart, the beloved indigenous online marketplace.

1. We find mobile phones more convenient than laptops, forget desktops.

As announced earlier, Myntra would no longer be available as an e-commerce website from May 1st onwards. Flipkart would itself follow, and by the end of the year, just the smartphone app would do. And that’s why Flipkart would stay since just the app would do.

With up to 60% of its revenue being generated from sales that have occurred from the app, Flipkart made a sensible move with providing its services on phones only, whilst lightening the burden of handling its already over-burdened website from itself.

2. Google might be wrong, Flipkart’s flipping!

According to recent developments at Google, it would soon reset its search engine’s priorities, and would first display the links to websites it thinks are mobile-friendly.

What’s sad in it for Flipkart? Google declared it to being not mobile-friendly.

Well, when its smartphone app would be the only thing it has to worry about; Flipkart would soon prove Google wrong.

(Not that we have anything against you, Google. <3)

3. Zeroed-out of Airtel Zero.

Here we support Net Neutrality again.

Airtel Zero is a marketing platform which would allow its customers to access participating app developers at zero data charges. Hypocrite much, Airtel?

Flipkart, being as supportive as it always is (there’s some pun here) agreed to join. Then, as typical regret stories go, it left, and decided to support Net Neutrality with all it got.

That’s how it would not lose its most loyal and rewarding customers, us.

4. Flipkart supports gender equality just like we do.

After several public petitions against girl infanticide and child killings, Flipkart reacted just like we expected it to. It banned all the books present in its catalogue which were directly or indirectly promoting sex selection for the unborn child, or were anyhow related to sex determination, so that people would have access to as lower a number of resources as possible.

And that’s how Flipkart made its undoubtedly best move.

Those must’ve made Flipkart a little happier, didn’t they?


With the not-so-happening outcome of the Big Billion Sale and the unsatisfactory response it generated, Flipkart had begun to being no longer considered the unparalleled e-commerce giant of India.  Nevertheless, as any typical Indian, it would bounce back surely.

At least we hope it would.


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