Food Ordering App Foodpanda : We Liv’ED it!

Once upon a time there was a guy called Kartik who was a big foodie. One fine afternoon Kartik was home alone and had nothing appetizing to eat with him. Moreover he had an urge to have a relishing pizza but the blistering temperature outside refrained him from going anywhere.

Suddenly he remembered the Foodpanda advertisement that he saw a couple of days ago, which said it could make your food ordering happy. So, he decided to have a go with the Foodpanda app. He quickly reached his android phone to download the app and launched it.


The app automatically picked up his location and gave a list of all nearby food outlets. To add up to his happiness the list had options from Domino’s and Pizza Hut as well to feed his pizza fire.


He then selected Domino’s whose specifications and menu got downloaded in just a second or two. His hunger called for a combo meal and he selected “Veg Singles” combo meal from there.


This page then landed to another page that contained the basic questions related to the personal details and place of delivery followed by next webpage to select the payment option where “Cash on Delivery” was the only choice and finally place order button was pressed.


He then received a phone call from Domino’s pizza itself to confirm the order followed by confirmatory texts from Domino’s and Foodpanda and eventually a pizza was booked for him in a time frame of less than 5 minutes.


Now the waiting time started which luckily didn’t last too long since before even 4:10PM someone rang his bell and he was none other than Domino’s delivery person. Surprised? Yes you should be because they didn’t even take 25 minutes to deliver. That’s supercar speed!!


The pizzas were pretty fantastic, delicious and flavorful which really pleased Kartik a lot. Happy Endings! :)


  • Application is superfast with a neat and clean UI.
  • You don’t necessarily need an account before your first order. You can order as guest as well, without registering.
  • The exact food options which you see in the outlet have been replicated in the app. This flexibility of choosing hasn’t been snatched away.


  • The voucher codes like “APPINESS” and “CR20” are only applicable for online payment which isn’t supported by many restaurants including Domino’s.7
  • Various coupon codes like “APPINESS” are valid for one time usage only. If you’ve used it for your testing purposes or in case of a failed transaction, it is gone.
  • Lack of food outlets is another thing that should be looked after. I could only find 23 outlets nearby out of which several were just bakeries or ice cream parlors.


Category Score (Out of 5)
Ease of process and UI 4
Delivery (as per provided timeframe) 4.5
Offers and coupons 3
Choice available for outlets 3.5
Overall Experience 4

The idea behind the app is great and with a few tweaks the app can be immensely improved which can prove to be a blessing for food lovers who love to explore and people who constantly move from one place to another.



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