How to Not Fashion: The Biggest Blunders

Humans make mistakes, it’s in their nature. Some mistakes give us such valuable lessons that we would have been at a greater loss had we not made those mistakes in the first place. Then there are some mistakes which do more harm than good, and may be downright humiliating. These are the mistakes when you make with what you’re wearing.

Being a firm believer of individualism, it’s completely up to you to decide what to wear. And that is how it should be. Then there’s another factor, that being, some things are followed up better than the others, and same is the case for clothes.

So, it’s better to know what these blunders are so as to avoid them better. And if you’re in a mood of experimenting, feel free to try these. Individualism, after all. However, it does not make stupidity vanish from what we call ‘fashion’, does it?

1. Crop tops with low-waist bottoms:

Even if by some miracle you possess amazingly alluring washboard abs, crop tops with low-waist pants/jeans/tights/skirts/anything is a big NO. Ignoring the fact that low-waist items were once a trend (we still wonder why), crop is made for high. The neither-high-nor-low jeans works fine too, given it is worn properly.

CropTopSource –

2. Oxfords or Loafers with socks:

Sorry, they just don’t do. Loafers and, oh, the lovely Oxfords were created to be perfect little heavens in themselves, and not to be worn with socks. These shoes works with any statement piece, be it skater skirts or skinny jeans and even with business formals, but just won’t with socks.

LoafersSource –

3. Shoes with no socks? Not at all:

Let’s keep ourselves well differentiated here, shall we?

Oxfords = no socks. Shoes = socks in any case.

It’s unhygienic, unstylish and even unethical to wear shoes, and even regular sneakers without socks. Let’s try and not separate pairs made for each other.

SONY DSCSource –

4. Too much matching and not enough contrast:

To make an outfit look well-thought-of and put together, it’s not necessary to match every single piece. Some contrast would work just as fine, even better sometimes.

MatchedSource –

5. Too much or too little:

Both ways, it’s disastrous. Baring a lot or covering up everything works well in a single case – extreme weather conditions. Maybe not even then, no. There are certain ways to show-off killer legs or tight tummies, but hey, watch out.

CoveredSource –

6. Tucked-in polo shirts and T-shirts:

They are t-shirts. Shirts with an extra T. T-shirts are not meant to be tucked-in. Shirts are. Well, shirts work well both tucked-in or out. But that is not the case with t-shirts. Especially, polo shirts. They are tucked in when you play polo, and not when you attend college or roam the street.

TuckedInSource –

7. Crocs with anything and everything.

Why Crocs are anyway? Nevertheless, they are not meant for strolls in the market wearing jeans, they are meant for homes. They are comfortable, yes, but just don’t fit with the beautiful outdoors, now do they?

CrocsSource –

Anytime you see these things happening around you, let it be. People learn from their own mistakes, after all. 



By Snigdha Singh


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