Diary of a Sartorialist: The Dos and Don’ts of Fashion

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be aware of every trend that comes and goes by to consider yourself stylish. Also, you don’t need to spend half your income on pieces that would be found at the back of your closet just 6 months ahead.

To look and feel your best, you need to know one thing thoroughly – What works for you?

Follow these points and you may find yourself closer to the answer.

1. Don’t follow fashion blogs and street fashion icons blindly:

Any guesses on why some fashion bloggers are as well-known as they are?

It’s because they didn’t follow all the trendy people out there blindly. You and them aren’t the same person, so how would a single piece work on both in a similar manner?

Right, it won’t.

While there’s nothing wrong in spending some time on Pinterest for the regular dose of what’s in and reading your favourite bloggers now and then, it’s better if we keep it till that. What’s fashionable for you is what makes you look your best, and not the other way round.

FashionBloggerSource – http://www.refinery29.com/fashion-blogger-bed-instagram#slide

2. Don’t run after perfection:

Here’s something to notice about people who come across as very stylish, they aren’t always completely done. Some little detail here and there is left unattended to, and it finishes their look much better.

So, you don’t need to follow the daily face/eye make-up routine, have manicured nails all the time, or bear those heels every time you want to look your best.

Work upon a little detail at a time, like putting up winged liner one day, and a French manicure the next, instead of trying to pull it all off at a single time.

Moreover, it saves you both time and effort.

perfectionSource – www.pinterest.com

3. Don’t splurge:

Don’t run after every new trend you notice. It does not make you fashionable, just robs you of money. Clothes, shoes or accessories, quantity doesn’t ensure quality in any case.

Work around staple pieces, and master the art of shuffling and matching them up.

WardrobeSource – http://www.creativedrinks.com.au/the-divas-wardrobe-2/

4. Don’t overdo accessories/hair:

As the case is everywhere else, minimalism works best when it comes to style too. It’s simple, elegant and does wonders to an outfit.

Carry light jewellery instead of heavy ones. Bold jewellery pieces work well with certain outfits, but it’s beneficial to keep it to that.

As for your hair, keeping it natural is the best way to go about it. If you want to try out different styles, make sure it doesn’t overshadow your look.

HairCuffsSource – www.pinterest.com

Now, here are the fashion staples, when it comes down to being outrageously stylish.

1. Dress as you please:

What’s the secret behind wearing white t-shirts and jeans and still being able to turn heads? It’s all about how well you carry it with confidence.

Certainly, you won’t be able to do so if you don’t feel like yourself whilst wearing them, would you?

So here’s the key, wear what you think suits you best. Girls loving frills and lace won’t be able to handle leather pants and crop-tops and vice-versa, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Find your perfect frill et voila, you’ll nail it.

dressSource – www.pinterest.com

2. It’s possible to find beautiful pieces everywhere, look closely:

Not all breath-taking pieces of clothing or jewellery or, of course, shoes come from those ultra-expensive racks. It’s easier, cheaper and more fun to sometimes shop at general markets and kiosks.

The best thing about shopping at lesser known places is the likeliness to find something unique and different that you most probably won’t at the high-end ones. Stock on some classic pieces under brand names, but don’t rely completely on them.

Plus, it makes for fun day outs. Yayy.

TheMarketSource – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/party-earth/free-los-angeles_b_3018020.html?ir=India

3. Put effort into effortlessness.

Most stylish people don’t try too hard. Or at least don’t seem to.

Instead of trying to rock those reflectors because they are the in-thing, invest on an amazing pair of spectacles which will work with most of your outfits. Don’t try to pull off something which doesn’t need being pulled off.

Yes, making yourself look effortless takes effort and time, but would save you lots of time and tons of money, all while making you look carelessly beautiful.

EffortlessSource – www.pinterest.com

4. Collect classics:

Instead of stacking up clichéd *fashionable* pieces, invest in classics. It won’t be that big of a deal even if a few of them are from the high-end side of the market, as they provide a strong value-for-money.

Sturdy handbags, well-fitted jeans, classic shoes and such, never go out of style, and hence, buy them from where you find quality.

Hence, invest on pieces which will stand the test of time and would look easy on you.

BlueBagSource – http://dispviofuto23.tumblr.com/Michael-Kors-Blake-Travel-Saffiano-Medium-Red-Satchels-p-7369

Because there’s more to fashion than sartorial gratification, and some of it is called Individualism.



By Snigdha Singh


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