Six Musicians You Need to Listen to if You Love an Unconventional Voice

These musicians have a voice which is sexy, sultry, sweet and absolutely drool-worthy. They are hauntingly beautiful and there is a very good chance of you getting addicted to them. Read ahead to know more!

  1. Lissie


She is a folk rock singer and was a part of Lenny Kravitz’s Love Revolution tour. She was named Pate magazine’s number one ‘’Best Solo Artist’’ of the year. Her voice has a defiant yet romantic touch to it. Her debut album is ‘’Catching a Tiger’’ followed by ‘’Back to Forever’’.


  1. Anya Marina


She is a singer-songwriter and her music has gained a lot of notice because of featuring in a number of sitcoms. She’s sung for Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother and so on. She is known for her soft and sultry voice which you’ll fall in love with.

  1. Sky Ferreira


Best known for her album ‘’Night Time, My Time’’ which was the fifth best debut album of 2015. The album is quite raw and has a punk and an 80s feel to it. Ferreira is a synthpop singer and her voice is said to have a cold tone to it. She is currently working on her second album. You should definitely check her out if you are a fan of retro-pop.

  1. Best Coast


Best Coast is an American rock band. It consists of vocalist Bathany Cosentino and guitarist Bob Bruno. They were originally inspired by The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Their first album ‘’Crazy for You’’ was released in 2010 and it created a lot of internet buzz. Their music is often characterized as surf-pop, garage rock or lo-fi. The band is inspired by the 1950s/60s girl groups. Their third studio album California Nights is scheduled to be released on 5th May, 2015. Their songs have a lot to deal with love and obsession and it’s absolutely perfect.

  1. Cat Power


Charlyn Marie Marshall or Cat Power is a singer-songwriter and occasional actress. Her voice is raspy and beautiful. Her music has evolved over the years and many commentators describe it as a mix of punk, folk and blues. Her famous songs include ‘’Free’’ and ‘’The Greatest’’ and she is considered a lyrical genius with people comparing her to Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. She has contributed immensely towards folk pop.

  1. Cults


They are an American indie pop band formed in 2010. It consists of Brian Oblivion, the guitarist and Madeline Follin who is the vocalist. Madeline’s voice is childlike and extremely sweet. It’s very soothing and you cannot help but fall in love with their songs. They have two albums Cults (2011) and Static (2013).

Written By- Shruti Das


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