What Makes Lana Del Rey So Lovable

Lana Del Rey is a singer and song-writer who is famous for her orchestral retro 60s sounding pop which portrays her sensuously husky singing style. Her song ‘Video Games’ had over 20 million YouTube views within the first five months of its release (yes, she’s THAT amazing).

Here are the five things which you’ll love about Lana Del Rey –


  1. Unconventional Voice

Lana Del Rey has an expansive contralto vocal range which is bound to bewitch you. Her voice is highly emotive and is able to transcend from sounding high and girlish in her timbre to a low and very jazzy sound. It can go from sounding almost bimbo-ish to incredibly sexy and has an overall magical feel to it.


  1. Eccentric Musical Style

She derives inspiration for her music from poetry and film noir. Her music pays homage to the 1960s fashions and showbiz glamour. It has an eerily nostalgic vibe to it which is a reminder of 1950s and 1960s Americana.Tragedy is a central theme which cuts across her music and her stories almost always have a sad ending.


  1. Ambiguous Lyrics

Her lyrics deal with various aspects of pop culture and in the song Carmen she refers to William’s A Streetcar Named Desire – ‘’Relying on the kindness of strangers.’’They are mostly sorrowful and have also been quite controversial at times; the lyrics of Video Game has been described as antifeministic – ‘’I heard you like the bad girls honey, is it true?’’ Despite a wide range of debate on what her lyrics truly mean, it can be very safely said that it does leave out a lot of space for interpretation.


  1. Crazy/Inspirational/Controversial Videos

Lana Del Rey is not only a singer and song-writer but she also takes a lot of interest in photography and creates video collages. Her videos for Carmen and Video Games are self-made. Apart from that, most of her videos are a melodramatic representation of her own persona. They have often been criticized for portraying women as passive recipients of domestic abuse but at the same time have been lauded for their aesthetic appeal. No matter whichever way you look at it, they will leave a lasting impact on you.


  1. Beautiful music no matter what

While the debate rages on about her music, there is no doubt that it’s simply beautiful. You can just close your eyes and drown yourself into her sultry-schoolgirl voice and it would quite happily carry you to oblivion.


Listen to this and decide for yourself –






Shruti Das


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