Google Earth Pro: Records The Walls You Walk Into!

If you ever needed to be reminded about how we live in a miraculous and futuristic time, just open up Google Earth, zoom in on your home and feel like a GOD!


But did you know that there is a version of Google Earth that’s even more amazing than the basic one that has been free for years?

It’s called Google Earth Pro, which is a desktop app for the Mac and PC with some exclusive features and used to cost an eye-watering $399 Dollars a year, until now! So here are some kickass features of Google Earth Pro!


1. Go on a Journey with your friends

If you are a frequent user of Google Earth, you know that it allows you to explore the terrestrial world, the stars, or even the MOON and even (wait for it) MARS!


Taking it a step further, Google Earth Pro allows you to record a journey, be it in street view, or otherwise, which can then be shared online. Your recorded tours are stored as KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files which are only compatible with Google Earth, however the Pro version allows you to export your journey into a 1080p video file, which you can share on Youtube, or other video sharing we


Wife or Girlfriend(s) troubling you to take her to Paris or Dubai? No worries! Just type in your query in the search box and take the world tour in a matter of minutes!


2. Explore the Sky

If you are a fan of Astronomy, click on View -> Explore -> Stars. Instead of looking down at the ground, this view lets you look up at the sky and gives you a virtual star-gazing tour, with actual NASA imagery of regions of space with accurate, scientific names labelled as you scroll your way through the space.


*romantic music playing in the background*

Wife/GF: Darling you are my sun, moon and stars…! <3

Me: Aww! Darling you are my NGC 5451, Messier 101, and Andromeda! <3




3. More Info about the World (and beyond)

In addition to displaying user posted photographs of local places in the basic version, Google Earth Pro comes with an additional numbers of datasets related to geography and demography, providing you answers to common questions such as ‘Does Mumbai has a larger voter turnout rate than Kolkata’, ‘How spread out the Metro network of Delhi as compared to Kolkata’, and more.


And much, much more!

Google Earth Pro adds more layers to work with such as historic traffic data, “parcel data” which define boundaries to properties and provides land owner info, print ultra-high resolution maps, historic satellite data (ever wondered how Delhi looked like in 1978!?), and lots more.


In addition to search, Chrome, Android and many more, Google has given yet another priceless gift to the world.

To get Google Earth Pro for FREE, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here to visit Google Earth Pro download page. Don’t get scared by the free trial language.
  2. Download, Install and Run. You will be prompted with to login.
  3. The Username is simply your Gmail address, and the License Key is GEPFREE.



– By Raunaq Singh



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