Friendly Fridays Chapter 8: Samriddh Singh

Progressive rock, similar to art rock, is an attempt to give greater artistic weight and credibility to rock music. The term was applied to the music of bands such as King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Soft Machine and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. While progressive rock reached the peak of its popularity in the 1970s and early 1980s, neo-progressive bands have continued playing for faithful audiences in the subsequent decades. With a lot of talented musical acts coming up in the country, we are excited about reaching out to a Mumbai based progressive rock band started by a group of young musicians and interestingly called Cutting Edge . Cutting Edge started early this year and has garnered a lot of appreciation through their live performances and on social media. The band interests lie in reaching out to people who enjoy listening to groovy music. I welcome the band’s lead guitarist Samriddh Singh who is here with us today for the 8th edition of our “Friendly Fridays”.

Samriddh Singh is pursuing post graduation from the University of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management studies (MPSTME). He has been playing guitar for the past 4 years and is really passionate about music which is clearly reflected in the conversation below

ED Team:Most people have a story behind their band names involving a lot of broken strings and mics, What’s the story behind ‘Cutting Edge’?

Samriddh Singh: Our band members come from very diverse backgrounds with completely different mindsets, but when we jam together it seems like everything falls into place. Our band wants to live up to its name and create music that brings revolution in the life of the listeners.


ED Team: Revolution in the life of listeners. Is that how you would describe your relationship with music as well?

Samriddh Singh: See,Music is life for me and it works like a form of meditation. Also for me all languages are insufficient in front of the language of music. So it’s both a revolution and revelation to me.


 ED Team: What are revolutions without any struggles and specially roads less travelled by are full of Questions like ‘ Pinky Aunty’s son is earning 2 Lakh a Month, What are you going to do?’ ‘Till when are you going to sing and play this music’ ‘What about something real,like a JOB?’at a professional MNC life? How do you balance your life between the two?

Samriddh Singh: (Giggles) Yes, I faced many challenges; in the beginning my parents did not support me. Even to get my first guitar I had to fight with them as they want me to complete my MBA first and then pursue music. I have now enrolled myself at True School of Music, Bombay and will pursue learning music there.


ED Team: Were you a born rockstar or did your audience grill you to keep getting better? We want to hear Debut Performance Stories!

Samriddh Singh: my experience was great, but after a number of performances I feel that it is not always how you play the instrument but rather how you play the crowd.Basically you need to connect with the audience and speak to them through the language of music and that’s what will totally elevate your performance and take it to another level.


ED Team: Play the Crowd. Wow that sounds interesting, How would define Progressive Rock music to a crowd you’re playing to or to some of us here whose playlist has Katy Perry on repeat? Can you tell us any special quality of Rock music which sets it apart from other genres?

Samriddh Singh: I would define this type of music as one which gradually picks up pace and then surprises the listeners.

It is a kind of music that is very balanced and thus enjoyed by all kinds of listeners. The lyrics are written with the aim of presenting the naked truth; sometimes this kind of music also portrays rebellion.

ED Team: What inspired you to take up Progressive Rock music?

Samriddh Singh: when I first heard the song Sweet Child oh Mine by Guns and Roses, I was determined to play this genre of music myself and that is what inspired me to start playing the guitar. Also interestingly this was the first song I learnt to play on my guitar.


ED Team: Who is your favourite artist and how does he inspire you?

Samriddh Singh: well, there is a long list but on top of my mind, Slash and Jimmy Page. They seem to play not only flawlessly but also effortlessly. I know I am being ambitious and someday I hope I am able to produce music like they do.


ED Team: What do you think about Friendly Fridays and Team ED?

Samriddh Singh: I feel this initiative taken by the team of economy decoded for starting something like Friendly Fridays is great. Also I really appreciate the platform that you guys are providing to celebrate and promote young talents in the country. I hope the team continues to progress and reach greater heights with time.Cheers!


So this was Samriddh Singh who apart from being a great musician is a wonderful person too. Coming from a management background he is really passionate about his music which is clearly reflected in his thoughts. We wish him good luck in all his future endeavours.

Check out the Facebook link to know more about the band-


With this we conclude, chapter 8 of Friendly Fridays! We’re building the world’s talent map. Watch out this space every Friday to catch more inspiring people in and around us. See you soon.


Team ED



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