When Corruption Strikes, Kejriwal Rises; MufflerMan Returns!

#MufflerMan to the rescue!
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Where Arvind Kejriwal’s muffler went viral last year during the Delhi elections as a part of jokes on the social media, this year his muffler made a comeback via the #MufflerMan campaign. MufflerMan symbolizes the honesty and courage of a common man according to some where people also consider MufflerMan to be the next Superhero of Indian Politics.
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The #MufflerMan campaign has been trending on Twitter for more than ten days and many AAP supporters are now promoting it to bridge the gap between Kejriwal and his supporters who were not very happy with him, after he resigned from the post of the Chief Minister of Delhi. Some see this campaign as the revival of the Aam Admi Party since a wave of enthusiasm emerged among the AAP volunteers.

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The Karnataka unit of the Aam Admi Party also recently announced the launch of a fund raising campaign called the “Selfie with MufflerMan” after the success of the #MufflerMan campaign in order to raise funds for the upcoming Assembly elections in Delhi.
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The party members plan to come up with such innovative programmes in order to raise funds in a very “open and transparent” way. V Balakrishnan stated, “…You all know about Batman and Superman, now the biggest thing in the country is MufflerMan. MufflerMan is there to remove corruption and make sure there is transparency in politics in this country.”

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To make it easy for all our readers, here’s a list often Superheroes that Arvind Kejriwal shares the most with:

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Superman- Well, what’s different about Superman? Where other Superheroes keep their superhero suits (alter ego) in the closet at the end of the day and live their life like everyone else is supposed to live, Superman is still is the same. He chooses to be Clark Kent (the Alter ego) to fit into the society knowing that he was always Superman.
Similarly, MufflerMan was always MufflerMan. He may have chosen to resign from the Chief Minister’s (alter ego) post but he is still MufflerMan for all of us. There is still some hope left for the Aam Admi Party. We believe so, don’t you?

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Batman- Batman is the man with a plan. He may not be the strongest of all the superheroes but he definitely knows how to balance things out. Batman is Batman only because he knows how to keep others under the control of his thumb, someone who can adapt and come up with a plan within a second, and someone who knows how to survive by outwitting everyone. MufflerMan does not lag behind with similar traits like that of Batman. He has a plan for everything that he does or plans to do, like Plan A, if not then Plan B else Mission Aborted! Roger that! MufflerMan has a proper research and analysis team which comes up with a strategy for everything ranging from the present situation to what people want and what all work can be done in the limited Resources available!

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  • Spiderman- Just like Spidey is young and inexperienced in comparison to other Superheroes; MufflerMan is young compared to his contemporaries in the political battle field. He balances his lack of experience with his quick wit and the fact that he is both technologically and generally aware. The “resources best utilised” is the motto that he believes in!

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  • Deadpool- The multilingualism and unpredictability is what MufflerMan shares with Deadpool. Coming to language, MufflerMan easily adapts to the language of the common man where everything that he says comes from his heart! And we always thought that it came from the mouth. : P
    MufflerMan has always been known as one of the most unpredictable political figure in the Indian history; be it his ‘stand’ of not entering politics, not taking the support of Congress to form a coalition government, not fighting for the Prime Minister’s post…That’s a long list! Phew!

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  • Silver Surfer- The dilemma and internal conflict is common to both Silver Surfer and MufflerMan. Where Silver Surfer is in an internal conflict in order to choose between his own home planet and the lives of million others on a different planet for Galactus to consume, MufflerMan is in a conflict between his own beliefs and the political agendas. Did he leave the post of the Chief Minister because his beliefs were not getting enough air in the middle of various political views? There is certainly a dilemma between Swaraj for the Aam Admi and the political battlefield!

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  • Hulk- Size does not matter; it is the mind and heart which does. It is often seen how MufflerMan acts passionately without thinking about the future consequences just like Hulk does. He often forgets how even if the cause is right, the actions may be wrong or too quick in the heat of the moment. It is better to let things cool off rather than burning oneself in them.

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  • Flash- Super speed and Flash are synonyms for all of us. He may not have strength but has great speed. This can also be seen in MufflerMan’s activities and the way he thinks: too fast in everything and it won’t be wrong to even call him a visionary to an extent! Where the Bhartiya Janta Party took years to win a MP (Member of Parliament) seat, Aam Admi Party successfully won four MP seats within one year. Certainly reminds us of Flash!

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  • Cyclops (X-Men) – Cyclops has always been a great leader of the X-men and can emit beams of energy from his eyes (optic blasts). MufflerMan is not only a great leader but also someone who emits engaging fireballs in the form of words from his mouth! Beware everyone (political leaders indeed) because the targets have already been set.

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  • Green Lantern- There are no particular shortcomings or weaknesses this Superhero has but only the weak willpower (ability to hope) which endangers the Power Ring on which the Green Lantern works. After all, hope is all that one needs and the same is true in the case of MufflerMan since he never gives up hope. What can be a bigger proof than Kejriwal gearing up for the Assembly elections scheduled for next year with full enthusiasm after all that he faced in the past?

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  • Rajinikanth- As all Indians know it, there is nothing that Rajinikanth cannot do in the entire universe! Do you think that MufflerMan can possibly be the next Rajinikanth of Indian politics since he knows his way out of things? After all, there is no messing with Rajini or even someone who shares some of his traits! Mind it.

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Special thanks to Himanshu Tiwari and Gaurav Jain for their inputs. :)



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