Friendly Fridays; Chapter 5 Adil Hussain

Music speaks what can’t be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the sole. We know, we know, that’s a deep thought. But we will all agree on the fact that music speaks what can’t be expressed in words. Gives expression to thoughts. Makes them all heard.

In the 5th edition of Friendly Fridays, we interview a person who shares the above ideology. A person who believes music can transcend boundaries of any kind. With no formal training in music, Adil Hussain, lead singer of Avtaran, talks about music, choices and beliefs in life, today on Friendly Fridays. Started early in 2013  with  6 members, Nitesh Salwan (Guitarist- Lead, Keyboard), Deepesh Sangtani (Drummer), Sadaf Faridi (Vocals), Adil Hussain (Vocals), Abhishek Mukherjee (Rhythm Guitarist) and Shamik Laskar (Bassist). The band was later joined by Hamdan Syed (Vocals), Rizwan Khan (Tabla) and Debrata Das (Lead guitarist) months later. The band’s music has influences both from Indian and western genres of music.


ED Team: HI Adil! Congratulations on all the fame and laurels Avtaran has been getting lately. How is it like making music with influences spread across the globe?

Adil Hussain: It’s been a great journey playing a combination of music from opposite regions of the globe. As a band, we initially began with light sufi covers like Teri Deewani and then shifted to psychedelic rock (Sweet child ‘O mine). Diverse cultures, but one melody and we are all united. That’s the thing about music, it makes us all one.


ED Team: Aright. Honestly, you could be building the future Burj Khalifas and Marina Bay Sands. Why Music then?

Adil Hussain:  (Chuckled on hearing this) Well…For me music is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world, an escape from our otherwise mundane lives. It is this concrete jungle I wish to run from and music is my solace!




ED Team: Wow. So, besides making amazing music, sleeping, eating and bathing, what do you do?

Adil Hussain: Yes, I love sketching and reading graphic novels. And, I daydream a lot (laughs). Sketching and music helps me connect with my inner self.




ED Team: Whoa! A singer who draws as well, you’re quite the guru of art forms. Speaking of Gurus, do you think that learning an art form professionally gives you an edge over others?

Adil Hussain: I absolutely don’t think that learning in a professional set up gives you an edge. I am a professionally untrained singer, I have learnt by listening to different singers and imitating their voices.

A learned musician is on a different level in terms of the technique he/she possesses but personally I believe that experimenting and innovation is the real source of learning. So everybody is learning in some way or the other. My point is that the ‘edge or the ‘x’ factor’ comes from self-initiated effort, that’s all.




ED Team: Wow, that’s a great thought. Have you always been this awesome or have you had your share of funny stage phobia as well?

Adil Hussain: (Laughs) I’ve enjoyed both sides when it comes to the stage!

As an individual singer, my first stage performance was in school when I was in grade 11; where I performed on the occasion of Teachers day. I was not nervous at all as I was supported and backed-up by co-singers. This was my first moment on the stage, my moment of glory.

Remembering our first band performance, I was filled with nervousness, fumbled upon few places and even missed out on the lyrics at some places. However, the audience gave a good response which really boosted us up as band. It’s because I didn’t want to let the team down.

Watch our band’s first performance here:

ED Team: What is your core belief in life?

Adil Hussain: I don’t expect anything; I believe that if you deserve something and all goes well, good things happen to you.


ED Team: So you think good things will happen to Friendly Fridays and Team ED?

Adil Hussain: Of course! It is a brilliant initiative by you guys! A very nice platform to promote new and upcoming talent! One of the best media to reach out to the right audience!


So this was Adil who apart from being an extremely talented singer is a wonderful person too. Having passion for music; this artist will surely earn respect, name and fame in the music industry. We wish him and his band Avtaran success for all the future concerts.

This is here we conclude this week’s Friendly Fridays. Watch out for more next Friday with yet another talented personality.


Team ED


Team ED attended the Red FM Bandstand Event on the 8th of November and recommends Avtaran’s music to all its readers. Watch out the links below :






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