Controversy’s nine gems : Bollywood’s drama queens

Bollywood, Paprazzi and Controversy; these go hand in hand. With a century of cinema, we have got more than millions of controversies. Every new day brings with it a new chapter of the Scandal book. Years pass by, people change, they resolve the issues but the hype created remains well intact in the minds of the audience.  But one thing common is the kind of controversies, each day brings with it. There are some set instigators of the controversy. So here’s a look at the most hyped, most remembered and most controversial stories of their times:


  1. Fight it out

Nawabs are used to fighting with swords, it’s in their blood. But a verbal battle turning into the most famous Bollywood brawl, least expected. Saif Ali Khan in 2012 got involved in a fight with an NRI businessman in Mumbai’s Wasabi Restaurant. Now the twist is, the long forgotten incident has come back to haunt the Pataudi Nawab. A RTI activist has complained and asked to take away his Padma Shri honour because Saif was involved in a court case in 2012. The case is still under examination.


  1. Dost bane Jaani Dushman bane dost

Any guesses for the friends turned foes turned friends. Yes, they are the 2 biggest Khans of industry, SRK and Salman. Ever since Salman helped SRK in the initial years, their friendship was much talked about. Salman did a cameo for SRK in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and SRK did in Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega for Salman. But then one fine day, they parted their ways. And then their ‘Dushmani’ became the topic of the town.  Enters Cupid, Mr. Iftaar, and a 5 year long rivalry fades away with a hug. SRK and Sallu relationship remains a mystery yet for their fans. Arpita Khan’s marriage pictures write a new chapter in their story.



  1. Blackbuck hunting

While shooting for Hum Saath Saath Hain, Salman Khan and some other actors went out hunting. With certainty, that day is not and can never be a great memory attached with the blockbuster film. Little did they know that their casual hunting would land them in trouble for more than a decade? Casual for them, but in reality hunting the extinct species is illegal. And a punishment which any citizen of India would get is being given to Sallu. Supreme Court on Nov 5 has sentenced and convicted Salman to one year and five year prison terms.


  1. Love Affairs-

Reel life translates swiftly into real life love stories. Many on screen couples are famous off screen couples too. And in midst of this affair controversies can never be sidelined. They are a regular thing. So how can you expect the angry young man staying away from it? Gorgeous Rekha and charming AB could not spare themselves. The film Silsila was actually based on their real lives. Never have they agreed on this openly but sparks were surely there.


  1. Breakups, Splits and Divorce

Looks of Greek God, mainstream actor, body to die for and romancing leading ladies; Sussanne had to be insecure. But Hrithik and Sussanne’s love managed their marriage for a good 13 years. But then this New Year, they suddenly decided to break their marriage. And the entire nation was shocked. Reasons were speculated, whether a publicity stunt or Hrithik’s rumoured affairs. Nothing is yet clear on this issue, but clearly this news was not a New Year gift for the thousands of fans and friends.


  1. Scandalized Suicides

The world of media is cruel, but the people are not. Pretending and acting strong in front of the cameras does not mean that they lack emotions and heart. And some people are unable to succumb to the tortures of this cruel world. 2 of the biggest suicide cases till date remain unsolved, Jiah Khan and Divya Bharti. Suraj Pancholi was taken into custody for this case, but the case is still under CBI for probe. And as far as claimed accidental death of Divya Bharti is concerned, speculations of Nadiadwala involvement and Mafia still remain. But the sudden death did raise many questions!

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  1. I am SRK’s Son

Aamir opted for surrogacy last year. And whatever directions your mind may run in, SRK also welcomed a surrogate child AbRam into their family last year. The latest entry to the category of filmy children was in news as he made his first on screen appearance in Happy New Year. But the birth of the youngest son raised many eyebrows as to why this sudden decision after so many years or if an act of copying someone. SRK surely knows how to remain in limelight. The controversy did help Chennai Express media presence.


  1. Ibiza Tourism

Let’s take a GK quiz. Did you ever know this word Ibiza? Do you know that this is an island situated in Spain? Like you I also did not have the faintest idea about this beautiful place. But 2013 Ibiza tourism from India suddenly became the ‘in’ thing. Leaked pictures of Ranbir- Katrina filled the newspapers and social media. Their holiday was no more a fun; Katrina was unhappy with the media and wanted them to respect her privacy. But the on-going Kat-Ranbir relationship controversy was given enough fuel. As Ranbir said later in a talk show, he should be hired by the Tourism Ministry there, would work wonders for Ibiza.


  1. Twitter Spats

21st century, it’s all about social media. So verbal wars, print wars get converted to social media wars (:p). Every next celebrity has resorted to twitter to reach out to the fans. But nevertheless they do lose their calm and patient nature and end up taking a dig on each other. The LOVE-HATE story of KJo and RGV is a hit. RGV started the entire tweeting tale by making fun of films like “I Hate Luv Storys”, “My Name is Khan” and “Student of The Year”. To all these fun tweets, KJo has always responded back in a witty manner. But there War of Words remains still on, probably waiting for KJo’s latest flick.



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