29th September. The SIB Auditorium, 5 P.M. SCMHRD, Pune. The Unexpected happened: NEEV 2014 took The Infinite Leap.

Yes that’s right, it was the official theme launch for the 3rd biggest B-school Fest in India held by Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, Pune, this Monday. The theme they unveiled was The Infinite Leap: Do the Unexpected.

Everyone has dreams about leaping for the stars, about pushing their limits and achieving the unreachable, but due to lack of opportunities or self-determination, they just let go. However, there are a million, almost infinite ways of grabbing our dreams, the rightful opportunity, and the key is to take that risk which no one has dared to before. So, expand your horizon, for it has no end. Believe in the unexpected, for your potential, is infinite.

The programme was initiated with the first ever 3-D Mapping of the NEEV Sculpture, where they used a 3-D projector along with the innovative mapping techniques to bring a simple 2-D sculpture to life! Now, that is some exceptional decorous conduct, I must say.




This was followed by an introductory speech by SCMHRD Director, Pratima Shorey. The NEEV theme was revealed via a video, which caught the very essence of The Infinite Leap with such vigour, that one couldn’t help but feel inspired (Courtesy: Goosebumps down my spine).

Shortly after, an AD-LIB competition was held for all students present there, in which a video was played on mute and the competitors acted/spoke/expressed whatever they thought best suited the video. It was judged by Mr. Rajesh Sood, the Executive Vice-President and Chief Distribution Officer for DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance, who came down from Delhi for the launch (because SCMHRD goes for the kill!).


Finally they had Mr. Gaurav Lulla from VH1 Supersonic ( NEEV’s very own exclusive entertainment partners), who came to unveil the video of their upcoming event for the very first time in a campus. They began their campus interactions with SCMHRD and will be there in December with Nikhil Chinappa. VH1 have also invited the entire SCMHRD batch to be a part of organizing the Goa gig (because ‘studying’ in an MBA college is just too mainstream!).


To add to all the excitement building up, there was then another video which captured the true essence of what this prestigious fest is really about, it took one back down memory lane and instilled a feeling of passion within the students for their college. Post this; the programme was wrapped up by the band performing the official NEEV song with such life-force, that the wait for December just got harder (Drums, Guitar and Action!)!



On a different note, the partners who are already on board and helping make this year’s fest another mind-baffling success are:

  1. Red Bull: Helping us grow the wings we need so as to soar high above our capacity!
  2. EBay: The online retail partners for NEEV 2014 are giving out coupons at Happy shopping!
  3. VH1: If Lady Gaga can, so can we! *Totally off-track!*
  4. 93.5 RED FM: Bas Bajate Rahenge!
  5. The Times of India: All controversies aside, they’re still A-class!
  6. McDonalds: What’s better than enjoying a Chicken McGrill with friends and music?
  7. Economy Decoded: Blogging NEEV all the way to fame *insert a face soaked in pride*



stage TL


With this, SCMHRD officially kick started the beginning of NEEV 2014 and came to the end of what was an enthralling evening. So hang on tight for more fun awaits on this journey toward D-Day! And that’s a wrap! But only until our next pre-fest celebrations to keep you on your toes!


(The NEEV TEAM, 2014 – Who made brilliance come alive!)


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