Modi makes Mission Possible: Great Expectations from “Make in India” !


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When there are questions being raised on Mr. Narendra Modi and whether he has confused his role of being The Prime Minister of India with the Preacher of the world, here’s a collective study of his last movements, actions and the speech he gave from Madison square.

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Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the whole nation via the radio today [3rdOctober,2014] on the show “Mann ki Baat” and it certainly earned him positive responses. The show will now air twice a month for the public to connect with the governing body easily. Where some people call his idea of a mass movement a mere vote bank politics, others seem to have been inspired by it, keeping in mind that he at least acknowledged the issues and took a certain kind of interest in them. What shocked the world was seeing Mr. Modi with a broom stick in his hand, in order to initiate the SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN.


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It all started, “Jab MODI chale AMREEEEKA”!
Saffron [factor] did spread its magic once again. *CHARMED* Well, we are all suffering from the fan fever and, it is too difficult to recover from it, at the moment.
Heard about aiming at all the birds with one stone? Mr. Modi can surely beat Rajnikanth in this task.


The People’s person(Janta ka Aadmi), as we all know him to be.

Mr. Narendra Modi’s speech was something people across 80 countries were eagerly waiting for. He addressed the whole world from Madison square in the presence of fifty six American senators, other senior officials and a crowd of almost twenty thousand people.
He made his entry very calmly amidst people cheering for him (like Saffronman MODI, ALL SUPER HEROES INCLUDED!) and swept the entire world by pride, by the very gesture of participating in both the American and the Indian national anthem. His act of singing the Indian national anthem “Jan Gann Mann…” along with the singer did not go unnoticed and definitely made everyone proud at home[India].


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The strategy which Modi used: INDIA then and INDIA now!
He greeted everyone and specially those who could not be accommodated in the auditorium and later wished a very happy Navrata, to one and all across the world. The very statement about the festive mood leading to a more dedicated and purified being was accepted by everyone since it was followed by a thunder of claps. Sharing his personal experiences, he mentioned how once on his visit to Taiwan, an interpreter asked him whether India was a place of black magic and a land of snakes and snake charmers. To that, he happily replied that India was no longer that place since there was development happening and in the status quo, Indians play with mouse [technological development]. Modi ji certainly has a unique way of putting his words in front of others, rather than serving it to them directly as a platter on some random plate.



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Talks about the JUGAAD, Indians believe in: Infinite Nirmal Babas we have all come across!

He mentioned how the attitude of people regarding India has changed over the years (in a positive way, this time) and all this has only been possible because of the behaviour and values [morals], culture we all uphold. If only Alok Nath babuji was born before, the conditions would have been much better. Well, we are the “Sanskari Desh Vasi”, anyways.



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The fact that we [Indians] celebrate democracy makes us stand out among all the other countries. Mr. Narendra Modi also mentioned how after a time span of thirty years, the present government came in power with a clear majority and hence there was no need of a coalition government. He also did not shy away from taking a dig at the ‘opinion makers’ in India since the roles got reversed because it was not the opinion makers but people from all sections of the society[illiterate villagers as he mentioned] who were responsible for the results.

How he shared his vision with everyone: Good times to come ?
Mr. Narendra Modi stated that with power [chair] comes great responsibility and for the same reason he has not a taken a break even for fifteen minutes after he became the Prime Minister of India. He promised to not do anything to bring shame to the country since, people now want a change. People now want a change in terms of the economic powers in order to live a stable life and his government will give its cent percent in order to provide that stable livelihood to people. He very cleverly stated how all the super powers are convinced that the 21st century is Asia’s [Hindustan’s] century since it has all the capabilities to develop at a very fast speed. India may be have been considered to be the most ancient country in terms of culture but it certainly is the youngest country in the status quo since 65% of the population is less than 35 years of age.


What India has and no other country has? The 3 MAGICAL D’s.

  • Democracy
  • Demographic dividend: 65% of the population is less than 35 years of age.
  • Demand



SARCASM at its best!

Modi Ji proved to be a perfect diplomat when he fired bombs, through his oratory skills, on America, like spreading butter on a piece of toast. Here’s what he said, “America is the oldest democratic nation but India is the biggest democracy… People from all over the world are settled in America but people from India are settled everywhere…they have not left any corners unexplored.” He discussed how development can only be achieved via equal participation which can be further being aimed at through good governance. The independence struggle was another point which he raised and how people were ready to do anything to safeguard the honour of India. He specifically explained how Mahatma Gandhi developed a mass movement which later played a pivotal role in India’s independence.

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Success stories and beyond the outer eye:
Another major factor discussed was the ‘work force’ and how Indians have a lot of talent which only requires a platform. Mr. Narendra Modi very intelligently mentioned about India supplying work force to other nations by the year 2022. The Mangalyaan success story was shared and appreciated with roars and claps, where Mr. Narendra Modi did not forget to mention that the budget for the entire mission to Mars was less than a Hollywood movie [Bollywood does not lag far behind, does it?]
What do people want to say about this?
Another success story was the formation of a new Ministry for Skill Development, in order to become job creators. Modi also invited all the universities worldwide to collaborate and work together in this project.


To strike the iron while it’s hot, too hot ?
The major setback which India suffers is the fact that more than 50% of the families have no bank accounts even when there are so many banking and financial options to choose from. Modi discussed how in such cases the poor families fall prey to the feudal system and have to suffer for a lifetime, where a lot of people [farmers] take up suicide as the only option left. He mentioned how within two weeks, the people he had assigned, were able to open bank accounts of nearly 4 crore families by going door to door. Even when the poor people were given a concession of opening bank accounts at Rs. 0 as balance, his officers were able to deposit a sum of Rs.15, 000 crores.

MAKE IN INDIA campaign and more:
The main aspect of the whole event was the official announcement of the Make in India project, in order to invite people [MNCs and investors] for HR, governance and low cost production since no other country can provide all this in a better way than India. He encouraged people to contribute and participate in the governance of the country by sending suggestions on since it is easy to connect, also it is a technology driven initiative.

Future plans: A visionary? Well, let us talk of the present for now.
He discussed about his plans to provide people with proper sanitation facilities since he is a simple man who has bigger plans for the backward and low class sections of the society. Another initiative discussed was the GANGA BACHAO ANDOLAN (Save Ganga Movement), for which all of us need to work together in harmony since it is the most worshipped river but ironically, the most neglected one. Cleanliness ranks above everything else and for that goal, one needs to become self aware so that we can pay our debts to our respective motherland. For that, he recently launched the CLEAN INDIA CAMPAIGN. Seems like some progress to you?


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Modi towards the end of his speech gave a gift to people who are not the residents of India. Here’s a list of all the promises he made:
1) The POI holders will be sanctioned a lifetime visa.
2) People who wish to stay for long periods in India can do so without going to the police at very short intervals.
3) The POI and OCI schemes would be clubbed together in the coming years so that the Indian citizens do not have to face any difficulties anywhere.

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He ended his speech on a patriotic note where the “Bharat Mata ki jai” shout out echoed in the auditorium. The speech was followed by the screening of the documentary, based on the Integrated Ganga Conservation Mission, on Mr. Narendra Modi’s request. Let us hope that his words are also seen in the form of actions, because, actions always speak louder than words.







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