Indian Youth to Business Forum- A Big Success for AIESEC


AIESEC’s motto is “Empowering Young People for Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential”

Well they definitely live up to their motto with their recently concluded event called India Youth to Business Forum. This organization has taken numerous steps towards making the youth of today more self efficient and more worlds wise, by taking members into its committee, international internships which give Indian students a glimpse into diverse cultures and a sense of independence.

India has, for a long time now, had very limited options in the job department, and although new and exciting professional opportunities are being introduced to the youth of India, still practically speaking it will take quite a while for any of them to be taken seriously.


Parents even still expect their kids to earn a handsome salary and although they have become a little lenient towards the more creative sides of a job, they still want that there should be some result out of it, mainly a good pay and a secure future.

But with the changing times the youth has been exposed to a lot of different things that they can take up as their professions, but the limited options in the country and the half-hearted support from family makes it very hard for them to do so, resulting in an idle and inactive youth.

My mother has this saying- “khaali dimaag, shaitan ka ghar hota hai” (Translation: An idle mind is the devil’s playground)

And frankly, I do agree with her. Staying idle and not allowing your brain cells to work and do its job can result in dangerous outcomes. Like any other machine, if left idle a human brain too can get rusty.


AIESEC conducted a program on Friday on the 10th of October, 2014, called the Indian Youth to Business Forum in the Indian School of Business, Mohali.

1. One of the first topics touched upon was the idling youth of our country. The youth is idle, stagnant right now. But instead of getting up and doing something, they are busy browsing through the self-help and how to get successful in a year books section. Also you must notice the influx of inspirational and you-can-do-it quotes all over your Facebook and Instagram profiles. The speakers talked about how it is actions that will get result. And not some random quote or book that will suddenly shed enlightenment on you. It is more important to actually work towards creating something rather than waiting for it to come to you.

2. The program was a great success with almost 450 students and young people in attendance. The theme of the entire shin dig was ‘The. Next. Big. Leap. ‘The event was created to slowly and thoroughly take the young audience through futuristic, audacious and actionable stories and ideas from a pot-pourri of achievers.



3. The event also had not just business people talking about their achievements but from various aspects of many different professions like Viral Ojha the Marketing Head of Microsoft Mobile Devices and Shireesh Joshi COO, Strategic Marketing Group at Godrej had stimulating insights into the world of business and marketing, they were a great help to anyone interested in this line of work or was skeptical about this profession would find their talks invigorating and helpful.



4. On the other hand we also had, Saachi Soni, the youngest Indian girl to have scaled the Mt.Everest, stole the show with her story of passion, simplicity and their excellence. She gave a more realistic and inspiring side of life. The concept that such a young girl could climb one of the highest peaks of the world is truly awe-inspiring and can make you think about what you might be doing in your life and whether is it something you truly want to do or not.


5. There were a lot of other people there that had achieved greatness even after being from simple background. A highly inspiring tale was of globally acclaimed photographer, Vicky Roy. His journey from the streets to greatness was truly humbling in its own. His amazing view on life was another aspect of him that attracted the audience to him.



6. The event was packed with workshops ranging in all kinds of professions. Big brands were present like Microsoft, Young India Fellowship, Teach for India and KPMG and compelling conversations with people like Vimal Sumbly, Managing Director of Triumph Motorcycles, India and the dynamic Vivek Atray, IAS Officer and novelist let the young minds a glimpse into these great achievers who got up and worked towards their passion no matter the obstacles in their way.


7. One of the shining moments of the event was the closing speech by Pradeep Singh the Deputy Dean of ISB, who delivered an inspiring and heart rendering speech on the most essential and indispensible qualities for the youth and along with he also marked the introduction of a truly unique and never before seen activity. The activity included all the 450 students in attendance to sit together and sketch a brief consequential output, where they all put together the different pieces of the puzzle (problems faced by the youth) and had to create a practical yet flexible solution, appealing to everyone. This has never been done before, and with this Pradeep Singh, brought to the forefront the fact that if together then the youth of today can somehow or another find a way to find the solutions.



AIESEC the force behind the coming together of this event has successfully accomplished their goal, after all AIESEC aims at providing the youth with opportunities beyond their imaginations.  Creating new leaders for the new world and helping the youth to become better and responsible citizens to the world.

That’s all we ask for.



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