Friendly Fridays: Chapter 3 – Shelly Shaurya

In India, cricket is not just a game but a religion, a way of life. There are people who are deeply and even emotionally connected to the game. Cricketers thus inspire millions of young and talented individuals to pick up a cricket bat and a ball. Amongst these people we have a young cricketer who not only excelled in the field of cricket but performed extremely well in his academics as well.

I welcome the immensely talented Shelly Shaurya who is here with us today for the 3rd edition of Friendly Fridays. As you all know, we are on a mission to build the talent map of the world. Shelly is a graduate from the University of Delhi (St Stephens College) and aspires to play at the prestigious Ranji Trophy this year thus balancing his life between his academics and his cricket.

ED Team: Hi Shelly, since how long have you been involved with this sport? And what place does cricket hold in your life?

Shelly Shaurya: I have been playing cricket since class 4. Cricket is the most important thing in my life and I aim to become a professional cricketer very soon and play for India.

ED Team: Who has been your inspiration to take up this game?

Shelly Shaurya: Nobody as such has been my inspiration to take up this game. I started playing since the early years of my life. It was in school where my cricket coach asked my parents to send me to a cricket academy. And that’s how everything started.

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ED Team: Being in an era where parents want their kids to have an MNC job, how much support did you have from your parents?

Shelly Shaurya: When I was in 8th standard, my main aim was to be an engineer and sole focus was only on studies. I was also the NTSE topper. It was only in class 10th when I attended the NCA (National Cricket Academy) when my perception changed. It is then when I realised that cricket should take centre stage. This was the time when my parents started fully supporting me in my game. And as of now I have attended the NCA four times.

ED Team: Do you believe a person is born a sportsperson or can learn and do well with a great deal of practice and hard work?

Shelly Shaurya: I think both are true, some people are born with talent to play a particular sport. However I feel only talent is not sufficient in the game. Talent will only help them to a certain extent, in this highly competitive era, I believe hard-work and love for your sport are equally important.

ED Team: What are your plans for the Ranji Trophy this year?

Shelly Shaurya: I am trying to put my best foot forward and rest all depends on the selectors. I have confidence, I believe that with my past records and current performance I can justify my selection. Right now I am just waiting and hoping to get selected this year.

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ED Team: Would you like to share of your match memories with us?

Shelly Shaurya: Last year I played my first T20 match. The high point of that game was
that I got my first wicket on my Debut ball. Also I succeeded in giving away just two runs and attained two wickets. Though we lost the match but I managed to be on top of the rankings.

ED Team: Do you think other sports are ignored or left behind because of the importance given to Cricket in our country? If yes, what do you think can be done about it?

Shelly Shaurya: I think it is true to an extent, I think BCCI makes all the efforts to make cricket as extensive as it can. Also, for other games what I feel is that sports should start from an early age, which is right from the base. I feel that is the time where youngsters can get the right amount of exposure and even take up the game in future. Also I feel media should give equal importance to all the sports in the country.

ED Team: Any feedback on Friendly Fridays and Team ED?

Shelly Shaurya: I was really impressed by the idea, the plan you guys have initiated is a great opportunity for young players like me. It helps in giving an impetus to work harder in my game.


ED Team: What is your core belief in life?

Shelly Shaurya: I whole heartedly believe that if a person wants something from all his heart and works for it, then he will surely achieve it. I have also seen that all autobiographies of sportspersons, not just cricketers, focus on the importance of belief and hard work. Even in autobiographies of great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, the main focus is hard work.

So this was Shelly Shaurya who is an amazing personality in addition to being an amazing cricketer. We hope to see him in blue jersey very soon.

So here we conclude this week’s friendly Fridays. Watch out for this space next Friday for yet another talented personality. Also, stay glued to the site to see another article on the Ranji Trophy next week.


Team ED


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