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Yes, I have a vagina and right now, MY VAGINA IS ANGRY!

Yes, I have boobs and a cleavage, which above everything else, have become a candy for ‘their’ eyes.
I am a woman and no matter what they say or do, I am proud of myself.
I love and respect my body and if anyone has a problem with it, then that’s their problem, not mine. Oh! I guess ‘they’ believe that only because ‘they’ were born with a penis, they have every right to mess around with my kind. Be it sexual harassment, assault or even rape. They will never change, will they (rhetorical)?  That’s like what happens with a dog’s tail, no matter how hard one tries to straighten it, it always remains the same: twisted, like all of them and their shallow mentality.


Elaborating the recent highlight from the daily newspaper, Times of India, which was once considered to be, one of the best newspapers in India. The newspaper recently topped the list, of stooping to the lowest level, anyone could ever imagine. First, the issue about Deepika Padukone’s cleavage and recently the whole debate on Katrina Kaif’s toned butt. This made the newspaper lose all its respect and established relations in the market. Guess, there’s nothing better left for them to cover in this whole world!



This newspaper definitely deserves a standing ovation from all of us. It not only made us learn about the ‘truth’ of India but also the difficultly women face to survive amidst scavengers, waiting to tear them off in any and every way they can. The Times of India never apologised for the story it cooked up on Deepika’s cleavage show and I don’t think it ever will. They did not abide by the journalism ethics and moral codes they must have ‘once’ promised. Well, I would call that a case of amnesia or even better: short term memory loss, like the one Aamir Khan had in the movie Ghajini.



The other smart way to look at it, is to call it a step, in order to create controversy, to beat up difficult competition from other newspapers in the market, even if that is possible for one day. Everything is fair for them in the market politics and the show of TRP’s. The entire story can be read on Economy Decoded here [ ].


Deepika’s statement, “Yes!! I am a woman. I have breasts and a cleavage! You got a problem?” created a mass movement, where people came forward in her support and protested against the newspaper. Looking at the status quo, what change did it create in the society and the sick mentality of people since they did not shy away from creating a controversy about Katrina Kaif’s butt? What came as a shock was the whole debate on Kaif’s toned butt, where images and a video have been circulating on the social media . I fail to understand what problem people have with her having a toned butt or not. Why does your ass pain if she has a toned butt? You can get one too, try exercising and become conscious about your body for once! That is her body and only she gets to choose what she wants to do. For the ‘educated illiterates’ who still don’t understand, it is the Freedom of Choice, my dear friends.
So nobody gets to mess with our beloved Kat!

Here’s how women are looked upon!



A woman can wear whatever she wants to. Like a man can. That’s her decision to make. Not yours! Bikinis are for women, what trunks are for men. Period. How can one talk about clothes in terms of exposing one’s body? Just makes me feel sick. If someone has to flaunt one’s body then why wear clothes at all. Just a suggestion! No offence to anyone. Are we supposed to wear a ghagra choli and then go to the beach to do “Bhumro Bhumro” there ? LOL!

Ever thought how wearing a jeans is still considered a taboo in the society whereas wearing a saree is considered to be decent. However, it is the saree where more skin is visible or in other term ‘exposed’. Enough of the ‘Sabhya Sanskari’ drama, because it is not the clothes which matter but the thoughts.



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Has anyone ever thought how the objectification of men goes unnoticed? Can’t girls get excited like men do?
Remember John Abraham removing his trunk to ‘expose’ his hip line in the movie Dostana? Did anyone raise any question on the multiple photo shoots he did? The answer is NO, but people had a problem with Deepika doing a photo shoot? Where does the whole notion of equality stand in the society, when we only cannot look at a man and a woman as equals?



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Neil Nitin Mukesh’s nude act in the movie ‘Jail’ or the recent example of Aamir Khan’s movie poster ‘PK’. How easily people forgot about that? There were other people who even appreciated these actors for they boldness and ‘praised’ their new form of method acting.



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I cannot simply forget Akshay Kumar’s bold step to promote a jeans brand, by getting his jeans unbuttoned by his wife in front of the guests, audience and media persons?



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What about Ranbir Kapoor’s towel dance in Saawariya?  These controversies like many others vanished into thin air, because men have always had a choice to make whereas women become mere ‘scapegoats’ in the entire blame game. Well, that’s because women are responsible for all the wrong and bad things that happen in the society. How many of these ‘intellectuals’ in the society have ever questioned Salman Khan taking off his shirt every once in a while?

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Aren’t women equal to men? Don’t they deserve the respect men get? Why are women vulnerable and easy targets for the predators to prey upon, even when they reach a high status in the society? No matter how much we try, the gender biases will always exist in the society.


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These are the questions we all need to think about.
MIND YOU [Rajnikanth’s style] !
Our thoughts won’t change anything, only our actions will.




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