10 Times I Didn’t Care About Chris ‘Moony-Face’ Martin and Jennifer ‘Jenny-Poo’ Lawrence

Now I’ll be the first to say that I love both Coldplay and Jennifer Lawrence. Coldplay songs are amazing, and I have almost every one of their songs in my favorites’ playlist.

And Jennifer Lawrence, gods bless that adorable girl. An explosive composition of talent, beauty and humility makes her truly the worlds most loved person right now.
And she has the Oscars to prove it.

Again, I iterate that as separate…way way separate individuals I love them both. But when I heard that they might be dating….I was just like ‘what???’

I mean I have no problem with the age thing, to each their own I believe so. I don’t care about that. But to me this pair made as much sense as wearing winter gear in the middle of a desert.
And this was when I stopped caring.

That’s why when I saw that they both are trending and that too about their breakup. I have some frustration I need to vent. So…get ready for 10 times I didn’t give a rats ass about Chris ‘Moony Face’ (yeah, that’s right!) Martin and our precious Jenny Poo (Jennifer Lawrence).

1. The first time I heard that they were dating:



  1. The time I heard that Moony Face took Jenny Poo to meet his mother. We all know that no one can ever reject our amazing lovely Jenny Poo.


  1. The time I heard that Jenny Poo attended Moony Face’s concert.



  1. The time that Gweny apparently got to know about Moony Face dating Jenny Poo.


  1. The time Jenny Poo tried to play the perfect step mother to Moony Faces’ children.



And so Jenny Poo realized the perils of actually having a family dinner. Because, come on, we all know that this is the actual reality when we all sit down to eat together.

  1. The time Jenny Poo took Moony Face to meet her mother.


I don’t even…ugh! In the famous words of the great Rhett Butler… (Well, he didn’t use fuck, but I will)

  1. The time that Moony Face was going to propose.


  1. The time when they boarded a private jet. (I wanna have one)



  1. The time that the world couldn’t get enough of Jenny poo and Moony Face.


10.The time that Jenny poo had enough of the world. And finally came to her senses.



Yeah, so that’s that. The end of an epic tale of romance between our Jenny poo now Jennifer Lawrence again and Mr Moony Face (Chris Martin).


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