Those two girls and many others !!




After a big storm that hit our country on 16th December, I, as an indian, was pretty much sure that a big revolution for the country was on its way. All the agitations, all the candle marches, all the new laws. We all thought things gonna change but I think that was all in vain.

The recent Badaun incident has forced us to think, “What is wrong with this country?” Two girls kidnapped, raped, and hanged until death. Oh! that’s how we treat the so called ‘Lakshmis’ of our country. The incident took place on 27th of May and it took two days for the police to locate the girls. Allegedly, a police constable is a suspect too. The other shock came from Mumbai yesterday, a female bus driver was beaten up, clothes stripped off and the reason comes up that she had asked a stupid man to get into the bus from the right door. Are these people trying to convey a message that we give a damn to our country’s law and order? We will carry on such stuff because we know we cannot be caught.

What has happened to our boys? Is there some sensitivity left? Do they even know how they wreck someone’s life for their so-called ‘pleasure’ for a single night? However, we cannot blame them only. When our dear leaders have some disgusting opinions about the hideous crime called rape, then you cannot blame the rest. Former CM of Uttar Pradesh Mr Mulayam Yadav seems to be so in favour. What if a boy rapes, BOYS WILL BE BOYS! For doing this crime, you cannot give them capital punishment. Another leader from the same party was of the belief that rapes have increased due to the effects of tv. Oh right! Do they have some other lame reasons too?


None of them actually cares. It seems that they have made  Badaun a new holiday destination where they want to go and ‘hang out’ with victims’ family. Our leaders seriously need to do something because the blame game is not the only thing you guys can do. And please politicising such issues as it makes them even more awful.

Today we cannot approach police, any officer, or any damn man for help. You don’t know who turns out to be rapist. So girls, if you confront anything that is outside the ambit of your tolerance, scream out, they need your slap not your tears.



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