Mobster’s Girl Review

d2888d2754e7533d3f7fd5e3385a66d955129f57-thumbMobster’s Girl is a refreshing, no holds barred jump into the mafia world through stories and legends told in Rhode Island. It is a passionate and violent love story that encapsulates the harsh bloody mob world and the need for acceptance and love.  The prose offers authentic language, mob situations, and Italian American cultural idiosyncrasies woven into an easily read fictional novel.

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Mobster’s Girl is a mature, young adult work set in a fictitious town called Palmetto, New Jersey.  A great deal of the action has been extrapolated from stories I heard growing up in an Italian family living close to the mob factions in the area.  The Mafia/Mob world is a microcosm of society in the sense that it follows its own set of rules, guidelines, and thrives in a distorted code of ethics.  Antonio, the main character, is an anti-hero groomed, like a prince, to replace his father in the future.  Reader interest and demand craves these types of heroes but there is a fine line between alpha-male, anti-hero and broken loser.  The Mobster Series clarifies this important distinction by encapsulating in Antonio’s character loyalty, commitment, and self-sacrifice–independent of whether or not those qualities are encased in a series of amoral/immoral events.

antonio mob girl

Mobster’s Girl is written in 1st person point-of-view between Antonio and his love interest, Megan.  I compiled and organized situations, language, and personalities into the flow of the story.  Each chapter contains words/jargon you are probably familiar with, such as, chooch, scarol, and mangia.  The story is a package abundant with romance, action, internal struggles, and angst.

Mobster’s Girl

Length 46,000 words

Published June 2012

Mature YA (strong language, violence)

Romantic Thriller/Suspense, Family Saga


By: Amy Rachiele, M. Ed.

Indie Author



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