Discovering yourself !!


Yesterday, I was traveling in a bus. That four-hour journey took me to some other level. A level where I was thinking about myself. Oh ! I had never given a thought to that. I knew what to do with my life but hardly knew how to live it.

I am sure this happens with all of us. We keep walking, we keep talking, we keep hanging around, but somewhere we are lost. We don’t know what to do, how to do and where to reach. What kind of life we want? What is that makes us happy? Life ,surely, gives us some tough options always but knowing ourselves, we  can tackle them in our own beautiful way. I think we do not give ourselves that ample chance. We spend up our lives living up to everyone’s expectation and the end results turn out that the society is happy with the kind of person we are but we are not . It is rightly said, “Giving yourself some attention is not selfish. It is sensible. If you feel loved and cherished even if it by yourself,then you will have more love to give to others too.”lens19438752_1351384736

It is a fact that you are the best judge for yourself. No friend, no relative can know you better than you. Have a little space of your own. Go for a stroll alone. Plan a trip with yourself. Go to a place surrounded by unknowns. Shed off your preconceived notions and some perceptions about you. You can only be confined by the walls you make for yourself. Break them off. May be that transforms your world as it did for ‘Rani’ ( Kangana Ranaut). You will surely get a new life.

Getting lost is sometimes the best way to find yourself !!


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