Being Busy- A New Fad!

No matter how busy a man is, he is never too busy to stop and talk about how busy he is.

Believe me or not, but ‘being busy’ has become a vanity thing these days. From the past few days, I have encountered many instances where people pretend that they don’t have any time for family, friends, vacations or other things.

Putting in long hours and complaining about not having any time in the day has become not just a way of life but a sign of success. But people forget that success is not measured by how many hours you put in, but by the minimum number of hours in which you can complete your work. For instance, even your cheek by jowl friends, at times remark, “I am doing an internship, so we will meet some other time”, forgetting that the person in front is also doing an internship! So what! No one is busy in this world, it’s all about priorities. Can you imagine that nowadays people even compete with their co workers over how late they stayed at the office doing work?

As for multitasking, one 2012 survey found that 38 million Americans shop on their smartphones while sitting on the toilet. And another found that the compulsion to multitask is making us as stupid as if we were stoned. Psychologists, these days are treating worn out clients who can’t deprecate the notion that the busier you are, the more multitasking you are, the more you are considered competent and successful.

But my friends, life is too short to be busy. The greatest of the ideas, the inventions take place when your mind is idle; when your creative thinking ability is at its peak. Eliminating busy means that you are in full control of your life, personal as well as professional. Most importantly you can experience the feeling of self worth and confidence without being prey to the ‘I am busy’ syndrome.


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