90%- are these much enough ?

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Sarthak Agrawal, we all are familiar with the name and the amount of fun we all had using his name on social networking but the guy has ,surely, given us a food for thought. 99.6% in board exams. Yes, generation X proves again that you think of something and they always have an edge to fulfil that.

Every topper every year is a new prodigy. Breaking all those former records, we keep moving a step ahead. The board results and the competitive exams give a projection that the country’s level of intelligence is par excellence but thinking on a larger scale, is it true. If that had been so true then why are we not able to produce a noble prize-winner every year or once in five years?


Stakes are higher every year. Take any university of the country, you will find higher and higher cut offs in the consequent years. Are we on a path to set up more competition or just soaring up the levels of stress and depression? We have been creating a lot of mess actually. Nobody ever considers the situation of a student who is  90%-93% scorer. He has not performed badly but they are not good enough to get him to the place of his choice. Medical science says that there is no difference in the IQ level of a child who scores 90 or 95 but certainly, this ‘not-so-scientific education system’ discriminates a lot. With a few less marks, you do not get into ‘the best college’, and you do not get ‘the best job’ and the hierarchy continues.

We all must know that these marks are not actual measure of anybody’s intelligence. Here, I am not trying to take any credit from the toppers who obviously worked pretty hard. However, the fault somewhere is of the education system and the typical Indian mind-set. Education system is moving towards a change and hope we get to see something, which completely suits our country’s context and does not leave these brilliant brains in worry and stress.


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