Was That Supposed To Be Funny?!

Browsing the internet, I came across some advertisements. It captured my curiosity and i scrolled further. I was shocked to see loads and loads of  advertisements derogatory to women. These were sexist and downright offensive. What is the point of showing bikini clad girls running on a beach for an aftershave advertisement? Or girls going ga-ga over the new deo in town? How stupid and vulgar is that! Big brands have been seen hoarding such abusive ads. Vintage as well as present time ads can be seen with such horrible ideas. Respecting the sentiments and the visibility of the article to people of all ages, present day sexist ads have been omitted due to the obscenity: 1. Haaavvveeeee you met the car?! The number of girls you pick up defines how macho you are! And oh boy, what a wing man you have! sexism in ads 2. Super, Man! Using domestic violence as a tool of promotion is outrageous. This is one thing which can never, ever be justified under any circumstances. Whoever thought this would be funny was, not at all sorry to say, a douchebag. fluid_hair 3. Highly obliged, honey! Rather than helping the lady of the house, the family sits comfortably in the living room. Simply brilliant! vintage-sexist-ads (2)[2] 4. Beauty wars between the couple! The wife would be jealous of her husband’s youth, tch tch. Pity the artist’s thinking. vintage-sexist-ads (8)[2] 5. What about killing the man then? Stupidity at its peek here. No words to describe this one. vintage-sexist-ads (9)[2] 6. Correction! An “abusive” man’s world. vintage-sexist-ads (13)[3][2] 7. Treat them right! Even animals are not meant to be treated this way! vintage-sexist-ads (16)[5] 8. Hit one back! vintage-sexist-ads (18)[5] 9. Beauty, not the Brains! vintage-sexist-ads (20)[2] 10. Is it so?! What sort of comparison is being done here? vintage-sexist-ads (22)[3] 11. Showing her her place! Kitchen reserved for the lady. vintage-sexist-ads (25)[2] 12. “Ablaa Naar” The helpless female strikes back, yet again! vintage-sexist-ads (27)[2] 13. My foot! Right! vintage-sexist-ads (36)[2]


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