Roy gets inked

roy The morning of 4.3.2014 saw a case of deference and a show of anger when a man threw ink on Sahara chief, Mr. Subrata Roy. He walked towards the Supreme Court covered in ink. A man who commanded the world’s respect and power till a few months back, has been reduced to scratch. With the future of Sahara group and Subrata Roy at stake, the road ahead seems dark and foggy.   The reason cited for Roy’s arrest is failure to appear at a Supreme Court hearing – which he says he missed to attend to his ailing mother – related to a multi-billion-dollar Sahara investment scheme that was later ruled to be illegal.   Now we can’t really comment on the authenticity of his claim but what if he wasn’t lying. He must have been brought to a clash in his identities. Of that as a pioneer and that of a son. In circumstances like these, what would one do? Act as a son who’s ailing mother needs him immediately or that of an industrialist who’s work is worship. Life does present to you such situations on a platter. No choice is right or wrong. It just shows your priorities. Such cases also show that others might not think what you did was right. But has it ever mattered as to what the world thinks. Its really about what you want and what you like. What im trying to emphasise is not the scam that Subrata Roy committed is justified in any land because he did it because he wanted to do it. The only thing emphasised here is that as a person, there can be instances where you can be bogged down by the need for a choice. The choice can change your life. It can make you go right or left. What matters is not what you decide but why you decide.


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