Meher Malik at Thirak- SRCC’s Dance Extravaganza


For Panache, the western dance society of Shri Ram College of Commerce the sky is the limit. Ever since its inception in 2005 has not only broken creative barriers but also gained wide recognition throughout various colleges of India. In another feat to achieve awesomeness, Panache has joined hands with their college union to make Thirak the most-must-attend-event of the 2014 DU fest season. Thirak features two amazing events; Can You Duet? and Exuberance. The first event Can You Duet? is Panache’s take on duet dance competitions and you can be rest assured that it’s gonna be great. All they wanna prove is that other genres of dance besides Salsa, Tango Rumba, etc can also sex up the dance floor and invites dance enthusiasts to explore couple dancing on different genres. Exuberance in itself needs no introduction; it’s one of the main attractions of Crossroads marked by the appearance of celebrity judges. An event which tests talents of different dance troupes as they try to win the hearts of the spectators.

Thirak 2014 has Meher Malik, the renowned professional belly dancer to judge Exuberance. Meher Malik, the London-Paris-Egypt trained belly dancer runs India’s biggest belly dancing company, the Banjara School of Dance. Widely regarded as the Indian queen of belly dancing, Meher has appeared on Just Dance and India’s Got Talent. Having Meher as a judge can only mean that the participating troupes are gonna deliver the very best they can to achieve glory.

Everyone in Delhi University knows that when it comes to college fests, hardly anything comes near Crossroads. You already know that Meher Malik is going to judge Exuberance but what is even more exciting is she will be performing too. So not only to dance enthusiasts, but anyone looking to have a nice time and enjoy performances by some of the best dance troupes from around, Thirak can simply not be afforded to miss.

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