Food Gate versus Gateway of Food

By Sneha Garodia

The India Gate VS Gateway of India

The battle between Delhi and Mumbai is never-ending but it always amuses the people of these metropolises. While ‘Dilli’ is India’s political capital city, Mumbai is its financial capital! Here are the most common comparisons:

An ice-cream in Delhi’s scorching summers v/s a cup of masala Chai during Mumbai rains

Delhi AC Metros v/s Mumbai local trains

Broad tree-lined avenues v/s the jam-packed roads

Crime capital v/s freedom at night

And the list goes on!



But there is a striking similarity between Delhiites and Mumbaikars despite these contrasting differences. It is their unconditional love for the street food also called as “Chaat”!

The Vada Pavs, Pav Bhaaji and Dabelis of the vendors in Mumbai and the Chole Bhaturre, Rajma Chawal, Chole Chawal and Chole Kulche of Delhi streets can’t fail to tinge the taste buds of any food lover. And if you’ve missed to hog on these, you should definitely go back to these cities for the same.

The moment you smell Kebabs and Kormas, you should know that you’re in Purani Dilli. Also, the Paranthewali Gali in Chandni Chowk is favourite of many stars and you’ll know this when you see their photos in these stalls where they are having yummy and oily paranthes! It is a must have and keeps your tummy full all day long.


For people who love Gol Gappes/ Paani Puri, Sev-Puri, Bhelpuri aloo-chaat and Dahi Bhallas, Bengali Sweets in South-Ex is the place to be! But yes, Delhiites are very fond of adding paneer to their dishes, so, don’t forget to mention your preferences for the same.

For people having a sweet tooth, Soan papdi and doda barfi in Delhi and Pooran Poli, flavoured Faludas and Modak in Mumbai is a must try. You’ll end up licking your fingers surely!

MG_2426If you want to see variety and talent, do have the fancy Dosas and sandwiches outside Mithibai College in Mumbai. The seller there won’t forget to boast that “Ambaani Saheb ke yahaan bhi humare dosa jaate hai”. Driving to Madras Café for a sumptuous south-indian breakfast is worth the pain of Mumbai traffic! Students and couples love to hang out at Chaupati and relish the Chaat there.

For girls who love street shopping, watch out for Naariyal Pani in Mumbai and Banta in Delhi to quench your thirst! After all, you will need superb summer coolers to revive your energy. Also, sharing these refreshers with your beloved is a moment of bliss.

Parents can bribe their kids with Chuski/Golas in Mumbai and Kulfis in Delhi to keep them busy! Just make sure, that they don’t dirty themselves.Pista-Kulfi-Recipe-00In winters, Delhi offers hot sweet potatoes with some masala and delicious spicy momos. While in Mumbai’s maddening rains, you can enjoy kadak cutting Chai, yummy Chana Jor Garam  and Ragada patties( Chole tikki).

So, if we go beyond our narrow perspective about the attitude of Delhiites and too busy but no social life of Mumbaikars, we will be able to see that ultimately all the human beings share common needs. There will hardly be anyone who can refrain from food in their lives. Don’t you think it will be very boring if we stick to the same cuisine for the rest of our lives?

So, why not add spice to our busy lives and try different street foods of both the cities when we get an opportunity! And there cannot be any winner in the case of food because every dish and chaat has its own aroma which can trigger our senses and leave us craving for more of it!


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