The Case of the Missing Airline

The missing Malaysian airplane has raised a lot of eyebrows. There are a lot of questions left unanswered. What? How? When? It’s an extremely intriguing case. To start with a background, the Malaysia Flight MH370, a Boeing 777-200 ER, departed Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 00:41 MST, and was due to arrive in  Beijing Capital International Airport six hours later.

Now there are various theories regarding the missing airplane, none of them confirmed.

Some of the theories are:

1) Hijacked by terrorists: the rumor of the airplane being hijacked have been going about. Especially when 4 passengers were travelling with stolen passports. This can’t be ruled out. There are chances that the hijacked plane was forced to land in a remote area, where connectivity is neglible, due to which communications haven’t been able to take place.

2) plane-crash: the eminent consequence which everybody is dreading, is the crashing of the flight. There are reports from the Wall Street journal which suggest that the plane flew for a few hours even after going off-radar. The mystery remains that even if the plane crashed, there is no sign of debris. Satellite pictures, search operations etc. have worked day and night but in vain.

3) Meteor crash: a very strange yet possible reason. There are possibilities that a meteor crashed into the plane. With no clear possibility, all bizarre reasons have been given consideration.

It’s strange how the plane went off-radar, still flew a few hours and vanished into thin air. It’s one of the biggest mysteries. What could have happened? If the plane has crashed, then where is it? If it hasn’t, then also, where is it?  It’s been a week since the plane has disappeared. U.S.A has also joined the search for the missing plane. It’s a saddening affair, but fascinating. How and when a huge plane like 777 disappeared from under the noses of everybody? Is it a case of pilot suicide? Is it a mechanical fault? Are the passengers still alive? Where are the debris? (In case it crashed)

The question looms, waiting to be solved. Hopefully, the mystery will be solved soon. The solution will be intriguing to note.


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