2048: New Entry in Addictive Gaming

2048_screenshotBy Nishant Agarwal

A new game by the name of “2048” has been making waves in the addictive gaming arena since its launch earlier this month. Created by a 19 year old named Gabriele Cirulli, 2048 is conceptually similar to ‘Threes” another popular puzzler on iOS and Android. The game runs on HTML-5 and can be played on desktop or mobile for free.

The game features a 4 by 4 grid containing numbered tiles which can be slid using the arrow keys or by simply swiping in case of touch devices. When two tiles having the same value collide, they merge into a single tile with a total value of the two tiles that collided. The objective is to keep colliding similar tiles until a tile having the value 2048 appears.

The website featuring the game garnered over 4 million visitors in less than a week. According to an ANI report, just three days after the game was released, thousands of people had begun playing it at one moment.

Since the game is based on an open-source platform, many variants and derivatives of the game have cropped up online and on Android Play store.  The original game however can be found on the following link http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/

The game doesn’t require one to be a Math genius. It takes only a few minutes to understand. Once you get the concept, be ready to get addicted!!


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