The Thirteen Fuchas Of Our Class

By Nikita Rana

No doubt, the backdrop of college-classrooms and that of school position themselves at two opposite poles. The school uniform that we hated, the teachers that we rated. That excitement of free classes and bunking in masses. Those continuously nagging teachers, those examination hall jitters. Playground games, giving each other funny names. From boring morning assembly to substitution period cheers everything seems to be a bygone era now. Always wanted to live life of free bird, craved to experience that college feel, and here we are left like a butterfly upon a wheel.

But chirk up guys, because there is still one thing that will never diminish- the variety of class-mates/batch-mates we acquaint from nerds to hippies!

Read on, connect and enjoy!

1)     Party pooper- This plan-spoiler is always on the opposite side of barricades when it comes to partying somewhere. From excuses to allegations he has it all.




2)     One-hit wonder- The answer that he gave in teacher’s first class proved to be his claim-to-fame, making him teacher’s favourite. First impression is the last impression. Right?



3)     Fault-finders- These are always on ones’ high horse, self-righteous and always fishing for compliments. These are generally double-tongued (saying different things to different people). And when they praise very seldom it sounds more like criticism. And you are like, get off my back!



4)     Dark-horse- The one who plays it dumb. He pretends to be slow-witted and tries to hide his light in a bushel. The reason can be shyness, cunningness or simply to avoid attention.

5)     Mr/ Miss popular- From seniors to juniors he/she is everyone’s darling. Gets frequent and favourable attention and a known face in college




6)     Kid around- An extrovert, this type befriends the whole class, mingle with everyone, jokes around, poke fun and make others laugh till their stomach starts paining.

7)     Has his fingers in many pies- Involved in all activities-from competitions to internships to college societies you will find him everywhere. A class bunker, don’t be shocked if he turns out to be the class topper too.

8)     Fair- weather friend– One who is friendly, helpful or available only when it is advantageous or convenient to be so. Whether it is for a class assignment or notes, they will contact you only once in a blue moon. As college fests are approaching, be ready to get a call from this type soon.



9)    Always Sentimental – Essence lies in doing everything in an overcomplicated manner. This type employs a train to crack a nut. Too emotional to handle crisis of a lost note-book, to give one example. Talking to him/her is like walking on a thin ice.



10)Early bird- Always arrives before others. Day-in, day-out you will notice him/her already in class no matter what time it is!

11)Down-to-earth- Practical, realistic, straightforward are a few words to describe this type. A good person to be around. But they are usually reserved and introvert.

12)Intelligentsia- You always feel awe-stricken by their bearing of high intellect. Possessing out-of-the-box creativity, they make everyone admire them.



13) Last but not the least; there is one best of the bunch– the most preferred person in a group. Everyone wants to be with this type. And yeah they have a lot of flatterers too!

And this list can never get complete!

No matter how one slices it, we all miss days of yore even after this dawn of a new day!!



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