Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6

g63 amg

AMG is the in-house performance division of Mercedes-Benz. They are to Mercedes-Benz, what //M is to BMW. In a nutshell, they make the standard issue Mercs faster, louder and crazy tire smoking monsters. The engine of an AMG Mercedes-Benz is hand built and signed off by the engineer who put it together. Typically, the AMG model is the most expensive and highest-performance version of each Mercedes Class.  One iconic vehicle from the Mercedes-Benz stable is the G-Class, or the G-Wagon as its fondly know by rappers,actors and the like.  It is perhaps the only vehicle from the stable which has looked more or less the same over the years. Its rugged old school design is very popular. It is also a very capable machine, matching and even surpassing the mighty Range Rover in certain off road capabilities. Till recently, the best Merc G-class money could get you was the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, A 5.5L bi-turbo 535HP V-8 rockets this 2.5 tonne giant to a 100kmph in 5.3 seconds.  That was till the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG  6×6 came along a few months ago. It is a heavily reworked version of the regular G63 AMG. 2014-Mercedes-Benz-G63-AMG-6x6-front-three-quarters

For starters, it runs on 6 wheels. It is perhaps one of the most extreme street legal SUV’s out there at the moment. It shares the same 5.5L power plant as the regular G63. Power is split to the three axles in the ratio 30:40:30. The 6×6 has 5 differentials, compared to 3 that the standard car comes with. The 6×6 runs on 37 inch tires, and can wade through three feet of water with ease, as demonstrated by Richard Hammond on Top Gear at a water park in Dubai. The car can deflate and re-inflate its tires at the push of a button in seconds, for tackling sand dunes and off-road purposes. The 6×6 is equipped with an auxiliary fuel tank as well. The car is a whopping 19 feet long and 7 feet wide and 8 feet wide. As tough as it may look on the outside, it is extremely luxurious on the inside. You would mistake the interiors for a premium luxury vehicle.


The 6×6 can eat up whatever terrain you throw at it with ease, while transporting you in the lap of luxury. All this comes at a price, obviously. The regular G63 AMG costs about 135,ooo dollars. The G63 AMG is costs about 4 times that much. Production is extremely limited. Exclusivity comes with an eye-watering price tag.Book yours soon. It will be made only in left hand drive formats, thus missing out on the UK market, and India. :p


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