Magic Bus’ Next Step 2014

Magic Bus’ Next Step 2014


“Sports’ universal appeal has led to sport gainingrecognition as a simple, low-cost and effective medium for achieving key developmental goals for children and youth. Dasra has studied the evolving sport for development ecosystem and has discovered that if sport is used in the right manner, it can contribute significantly to promote health, improve academic outcomes, foster gender equity, enhance social inclusion and promote employment.”  Dasra

In Asia, Sport for Development is a novel concept. The region is widely recognised as the future of global markets, with its burgeoning youth population, and its rapid pace of economic and technological growth. This has brought with it the challenges of change management. Governments and the non government sector continue to seek ways in which to mitigate growing inequities in the accessibility and availability of basic rights and facilities.

The inherent energy of Sport for Development (SfD) makes it poised for significant success in such spaces. As evidence in India has shown there is huge potential for SfD programmes that are reflective and build on sustainable, scalable models for social change.

The report Power of Play: The Power of Sport for Development in India (published by Dasra, in collaboration with the Australian Sports Commission in 2013) is the first comprehensive document on SfD in Asia. It points out that “…concrete measures need to be taken holistically at the systemic, programmatic and delivery levels to fully harness sports’ potential to positively impact marginalized communities and lead to national productivity and economic growth.” The report strongly recommends that sport be considered a serious medium of intervention that facilitates cost-effective achievement of development outcomes.


Next Step 2014 offers a much-needed opportunity to exhibit the many possibilities for investment and growth in SfD – for the government, practitioners, corporate houses, the sports industry, colleges and universities, and above all, children and youth. With more than 300 participants from 20 countries, the event will be the first of its kind in India with an aim to promote SfD in the Asia region. It will also provide a platform for advocacy on some very important themes that need to be brought centre stage. The conference will draw a host of people from across the globe and provide an ideal setting for networking.

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Hosted in India’s Capital city, Next Step 2014 will take place from the 10th to the 14th of February 2014, offering participants a flavour of New Delhi’s mild spring weather and vibrant culture. The programme is a mix of indoor sessions, outdoor sessions, and cultural events to make the stay memorable for first time visitors as well as those already familiar with the city.

Economy Decoded has partnered with Magic Bus India as their blog partner to promote their awesome campaign which is helping development through sports by reaching out to more than 250,00o children in India itself.


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