Great things happen over Irani chai

Well if I can name just one beverage in Hyderabad that is meant to be served only in café’s it is the infamous Irani chai. Existing for more than a century now, the Irani chai is a hard-core favorite for a true hyderabadi.


Now if you think this beverage is best served only in high class exquisite restaurants then prepare yourself for a disappointment. The distinguishing feature of this beverage is that not just the contents make its flavor but the environment too. It is certain that an unhygienic environment in which the irani chai is prepared adds a lot of flavor rather than the contents used. So it’s best served in the petite tea stall situated near your locale.

Served for meagre 10 rupees mostly in white local made cup and saucer, this combo brings about a sense of socialization amongst friends. Moreover a good chemistry complimenting the irani chai would be the Osmania biscuit and the mini onion samosas. Served best in a cafe named Tara near saifabad or sarvy in banjara, these places can be proudly renamed as the Hyderabadi Starbucks.


A most prominent beverage amongst all age groups especially hard-core hyderabadi teenagers, this has always stood as an all-time favorite. Sugunaram- One of the prodigious admirer of this drink quotes that “If good things can happen over a cup of coffee in then great things can happen over irani chai”.    Not just during evening hours but all through the day, conspicuously during mid-nights this is a favorite among the hyderabadi’s. Dismally irani chai stalls these days are certainly declining due change of lifestyle. Inheritors of previous irani chai stall owners have different interests these days. But it’s still and will remains a favorite among the city folks.


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