Congress’s new release: ‘One Rank , One Pension’ vs Modi’s Brahmachari’ness


Recently we saw newspapers and journals flooded with news of  Rahul Gandhi backing an ex- servicemen’s long standing  demand for ‘ One Rank , One  Person’ =  ‘OROP’ .  Well is it a sudden rush of mercy??? We all know that it is election season, where every other party is just trying to grab the opportunity to showcase what they have got ( i am not talking about their talents :p).  So,  this time with elections on the horizon, it’s time to woo the ex-servicemen with tall promises once again.

Then  what is this whole fuss about’ OROP’  formula ?  OROP basically implies payment of uniform pension to personnel retiring in the same rank with the same length of service irrespective of their date of retirement. Consequently, any further enhancement in pension rates will automatically be passed on to past pensioners.

So after  this statement of Rahul ji , comes a magician (Finance minister P. Chidambaram) with wand in his hand ( Budget report ) announcing that  OROP decision will be “implemented prospectively” for armed forces from 2014-2015, with the government transferring Rs 500 crore to the defence pension account in the current fiscal to “close the gap for all retirees (pre-2006 and post-2006) in all ranks”.

I really ponder that if  such decisions are taken up so promptly , then what happens to our decision makers when it comes to bills like Women bill, Jan lokpal bill any many others?

While on the other hand  Narendra Modi beat the drums of him being a ‘ BRAHMACHARI’, claiming that he has no reason to pool immense wealth as he is a single man who has practically no heir.I mean seriously !! where does this statement  fits him into  PM candidacy.

Earlier Food security bill, Land acquisition bill and now ‘OROP’ ..are these  all delusions of grandeur??

Well that can’t be said until the result turns up, so all i can say is that may the best man wins the race .


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