AK, you broke our hearts

By Samiksha Agarwal


Kejriwal, you broke our hearts and that too on Valentine’s Day!! Really, you resigned??

You might give us several reasons behind doing this but when you took on this fight against them, you knew it would be extremely hard and tough. You knew you would have to stand strong no matter what…Is it a joke? Becoming the CM of the capital of India and then resigning because everybody (who was just waiting for a chance to get you off your seat) condemned your ‘bill’, because everybody opposed your decision? Didn’t you know what Indian politics was like before jumping into it?

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When you entered Indian politics the youth welcomed you with open arms, we supported you and stood beside you. We cast the first vote of our life in your name and now with the blink of an eye everything has toppled down and has come to a naught…You struck a chord with the youth, your thoughts seemed to be righteous and you and your party became a part of our daily discussions. We thought that finally the man who would completely alter the dirty face of Indian politics has arrived and that a revolution was about to take place but it ended in just 49 days. The ‘aam aadmi’ had entered Indian politics to stand up for the ‘aam aadmi’ but ‘AAP to resign karke chal diye’…

We can understand the immense pressure and the stress that you were under, that it was becoming increasingly difficult for you to handle all of it with opponents searching for just one opportunity to dethrone your party. False allegations and anarchist comments were falsely put on ‘AAP’ but to bring about a revolution you have to tolerate all this. No? You cannot be called ‘The man who revolutionised Indian politics’ only by 49 days of governance. Corruption doesn’t end overnight. We know it was becoming out of control but was there no other solution than resigning? When you took this huge responsibility we looked at you with awe, respect and dignity but now it seems that it was all a myth. You stood up for what was right, did away with the VIP culture, kept your promises and won a million heartsbut aren’t you brave enough to carry on and not surrender? Does this tell us that there is no scope for good in this evil world? Will evil always overshadow the good?

Being the Chief Minister of Delhi you took to roads for every minor issue, you forgot to maintain the dignity of the office and you protested every now and then, but we still stood by you thinking that this might be the way to connect with the populace and bring a change, that maybe this is how an ‘aam aadmi’ behaves. We appreciated everything you did with closed eyes and blind faith. AAP was in the headlines every single day but we still had full confidence in you, slowly it weakened and finally it shattered that very evening when you resigned. You had other options also; resignation wasn’t the only way out, was it?


AAP rose to power but for what? We do not mean to criticise you but we are surely disappointed by your decision. The black mark hasn’t vanished from our fingers yet but you have definitely managed to escape. You were the ‘Icon of the Youth’. You were like a ray of hope who failed to dispel the darkness and the gloom…Howeverthese 49 days have definitely brought a huge change in the history of India politics; these 49 days showcased the journey of a man who from being ‘a game changer’ turned into ‘the man in a hurry’. This wasn’t expected out of you. Your decision has been highly disappointing andextremely uncool.



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