Affection is better than Perfection- Feel Good

By Sonali Wadhwa

Nurtured by the mind and sheltered by the heart, our good and bad thoughts leave no stone unturned to be expressed and reflected in front of all, whether it may be in the form of pearls of tears or sound of laughter, heat of anger or shiver of fear or in the form of inked words on a piece of paper.

The agony behind the words, this novel best describes that very feeling which arises out of the situations when words are unable to seek help but silence does all the work. the truth behind the silence is very well expressed in one of the works that touched my heart and about which I think in every lone moment of my life “Memoirs of a Geisha” by American author Arthur Golden.

The author indeed very well expressed all the assorted feelings of geishas, who, while losing the essence of life and love, devotes all the time of their lives dressing up for others and losing their own identity.  The style of writing and the magical words of the novel eventually make you imaginatively visualize all the happenings in your mind, you tend to get attached with the character’s grief and happiness.

Inspired by a true story, this novel talks about the miserable life of a girl of Tokyo named Chiyo Sakamota, who in her very tender age was forced to accept the hardest miseries of life, suppressing all her desires and eventually turned into a geisha. A forceful life she lead, every moment she plead.

While Chiyo reached the most unpleasant dwelling place, the house of geishas, a catastrophe had fallen upon her elder sister as she was put into the place of prostitutes where the feelings were devalued and the body got paid for bearing the pains justifying the very famous quote “No pain , No gain !!!!”

But please someone tell me, what were they gaining out of this pain? Just a worthless life, I suppose ! Despite of enduring all the possible pains life could bestow upon her, Chiyo still had a ray of hope in her heart to meet the love of her life one day, this hope helped her live her life in a better way and find happier perceptions of life. Now, let me ask you all a very simple question.

If a girl living in the most terrible conditions could try and find happiness in her life and better reasons to live, then why can’t we, who are blessed with such good health and more than enough wealth be happy for what we have and forget what we do not ?

Why a few moments of pointless stress force us to discard all the happiness in life ?

Let us discuss some of the reasons of our great deep stress :

Scoring less marks in exams? Less attendance? Less salary? Which will surely get incremented if you work harder !! Unsatisfactory job? Which you can actually switch at the right time !! Let me not forget a yucky pimple? ( Chaand mei Daag, we say :P ) And may be the most important, a Breakup ???? Shedding all your precious tears for a guy whom you met just a few weeks ago..!!?? Or for a pimple who is Not going to reside on your face till the last breath of your life?

Why do we forget about those small happy things happening in our lives which actually matter a lot!!?? The fact that each organ of your body is in good working condition! The fact that we can calmly sleep at night under a roof surrounded by four walls, waking up with a bright light of sunshine and not like those poverty stricken unfortunate people who spend their sleepless chilly winter nights having a probable good-for-nothing morning !

Yes, people! You cannot even imagine what all priceless things you are blessed with in this wonderful gift of life! Learn to count your smiles! Feel contented with what all you possess! Life is a pleasure unless you too often measure the bags of your sadness and desires! God knows no differences, he is not biased. He just waits for the right time to provide you with the best fruits of life! Trust him! Have faith in him and a small amount of patience! Appreciate your possessions and reveal your hidden talents.

Appreciate god’s affection and work hard to get perfection! And life will surely become a blessing, rather than a boon.


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