Over the “Moon”

“People like us, we don’t need that much- just someone that starts, starts the spark in our bonfire hearts”, as this song made its way through my ears, it touched the strings of the soul. A song that so flawlessly describes what you are feeling, and is simultaneously coupled with a beautiful voice and that country- folk music that feels so at home; such songs are hard to come by. And when they do, one should not let them slip by. The song I am talking about is Bonfire Heart, the album- Moon Landing, the artist- James Blunt. This album contains 11 amazing tracks, and as Blunt puts it, is very personal to his heart. It is due to release worldwide on 18th October, 2013.

The other song that caught my attention is “Satellites”- this again captures the essence of being a human and more importantly a young person, in love. With lyrics like- “Are we all just satellites? Where’s the love? Show me tonight, Here’s the moment we unite”, it makes us wonder in the world of super smart phones and complicated robots, where exactly does love fit in?

Then I switch to “Miss America”, in the same album. At first it sounds a bit cliched, then I find out that Blunt has dedicated this song to the tragic death of Whitney Houston, and then slowly, you fall in love with this song too, for its bare emotions.
The other major tracks of the album include “Face the sun”, “Heart to heart”, “Bones” etc.

Moon landing being the fourth major album of the British singer and songwriter, here’s hoping that it turns out to be as successful as his super-hit single “You’re Beautiful”.

So don’t just sit there, go on You Tube RIGHT NOW, and fall in love. :)



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