A gaming revolution?

By Mudit Batra

hero-shield-hawken-spotlightIn this world of gaming where games like GTA-V took the world by storm and PS4 console is on the verge of launch in our country, Nvidia has launched its android based gaming console ‘Nvidia shield’. Its main USP is a new technology; streaming games from your pc into a 5 inch 1280x720p resolution flip up screen. It’s one of its kind very handy portable console, weighing just 579gms with 2 analog joysticks similar to Xbox 360 controller.

This console has been loaded with features. Starting from the latest android operating system jelly bean to Nvidia tegra 4 Quad core processor. It has basic android apps like Google Play movies and TV, Google Play Music, Google Play Books, Pandora and even Facebook. Except streaming games from your PC which is in beta, and also require your PC to have Geforce GTX 650, you can also control your AR drone. They are some featured games brought for the shield, like Batman: Arkham city, skyrim, GTA vice city and a few others, plus few games have been shield-optimised like asphalt: 8, crazy taxi, GTA-3, riptide GP, shadow gun, Max Payne and various others. It even has a Bluetooth 3.0 and also carries a 16 GB flash memory. At an even price of 299$ it surely looks tempting.

Though this console is totally different and a stand apart from PSPs but still has a few limitations and some fields are yet to be explored. It surely will make your gaming experience better but how much better that depends on further development by Nvidia, but till then you can surely taste wireless gaming and explore this side of the gaming world by Nvidia.


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