Entertainment for Gen X

By Bhawana Arora.

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In today’s hectic and busy lives, people need some kind of recreation to relieve stress and lift up their spirits. Different modes of entertainment play a crucial role in this context. The idea of entertainment, however, is not new. From ancient times people have indulged themselves in one or the other activities to take a break from their regular daily life. Story-telling, for example, has been a part of human civilization since Homeric times. Epics and legends were passed on from generation to generation through bards who narrated them in public gatherings. Besides, athletics and sports such as wrestling, racing and ball games have their roots in ancient Greek civilization.

In recent times, however, the picture has changed drastically. Entertainment has now become synonymous with cinema and television. With a bunch of films releasing every week, options available to the audiences have widened substantially. Unlike a decade ago when commercial cinema occupied the center stage, artistic and realistic films, like “Udaan”,  “Paan Singh Tomar”, ”Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”, etc.  are now being made and appreciated. Similarly, Indian television also has gone through a revamp. The Producer and makers of TV shows are no longer willing to stick to the classic saas-bahu operas instead issue-based and youth-based shows such as “Balika Vadhu”, “Gumrah” have gripped the audiences with their unusual content.

Moreover, the increasing exposure to foreign cinemas has made the Indian audiences more aware. Hollywood movies like the Harry Potter series have become immensely popular in India. Besides, the wide-ranging genres of American TV shows have provided the viewers with an option to choose. Be it sitcoms like “The Big Bang Theory” and “How I Met Your Mother” or fantasy shows like “Supernatural” and “The Vampire Diaries” or drama such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, every genre has become a hit with the masses.

Also, this exposure has further put a pressure on the Indian makers to improvise and produce better works in terms of content and technicality.

In addition to cinema and television, sports are another means of entertainment that is widely popular. Cricket, which is worshipped as religion in India, has an enormous fan-base and is played and watched by millions in our country alone. Besides, being a mode of entertainment, sports also instills a feeling of nationalism among the viewers and a spirit of sportsmanship among the players. Besides cricket, sports such as football, tennis, badminton, hockey, etc. have also gained attention in the past few years.

Besides, field and physical sports, the area of virtual games has also become a rage. With technical innovations and the coming of android phones and i-phones in the market, virtual gaming has indeed reached new height. Games such as “Angry Birds” and “Temple Run” have struck a chord with the masses and are being played by people of every age.

Books and music are yet another means of recreation. Books are not only a vast ocean of knowledge, but also help us to relax. In case of books also, the reader has the freedom to choose from a large variety of genres. One can spend a night with a Chetan Bhagat novel or go for authors like Amrita Ghosh or Dan Brown to pursue hard-core reading.

Also, music is a great means of amusement and cleansing the system. Studies proved that not only music helps to relieve stress but also helps to concentrate better and hence is highly popular.

There are some of the major forms of entertainment that have emerged in the recent times. People today are willing to spend money to buy a ticket for a film or a cricket match as it has become necessary to rejuvenate oneself and take a break from the regular mundane and stressful life. This is the reason that the entertainment industry has become one of the most flourishing one. It is thus a win-win situation for the producer as well as the consumer.


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