Come, Explore The Sea. Live there.

By Shraddha Raj

rangali_2211099iA dream destination, perhaps a chilly morning on a hill station; or a balmy afternoon on a beach side; good food…a book in hand and peace of mind! Yes, sounds like a vacation! In case you’re bored with the usual options, a vacation under water is what you are looking for. With the rates for underwater resorts ranging from $168 per night to $8,800 per night, they seem like the best option for novelty-seeking travellers. Poseidon Undersea Resorts, Katafinga Islands, Fiji, The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Conrad Maldives Rangali and The Otter Inn, Sweden are just a few emerging names in underwater luxury holiday destinations!

Architecturally and technologically challenging to build, these structures are no less than masterpieces in their own right. The first underwater resort to be built was the Jules Undersea Lodge, 21 ft under water, off the coast of Puerto Rico in 1970. A breakthrough in technology at that time, it claimed the status of the world’s only underwater lodging available until recently. Most of the submersed suites nowadays are built as detachable stand-alone modules which are neutrally buoyant and can be removed from the complex under water if necessary. Be it adventure or solitude that you are seeking, you can find it here! Watching the fish in their natural habitat is made possible with transparent acrylic plastic, which offers high visibility and significant strength. Although, sound technology is not all that these places offer.


Fine dining establishments, 1000 ft below ground level and “marine focused” spa treatments are just the icing on the billion dollar cake. Most of these structures are still under construction and are estimated to cost between $50 million to $120 billion, each individual suite amounting to almost $12 million! The luxury suites are inclusive of free massages, personal trainer services, swimming pools as well as complimentary visits to the resort’s night club. Some of these resorts also boast of a library/lounge, retail boutiques, dive shops and the works. Seems like the time to take a plunge into the plush world of an underwater retreat!


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