Brain Drain

3537148437_kalpana-600By Anirudh Kashi.

India loses 12 billion dollars (84,000 crore rupees) annually due to the brain drain. About 2 billion dollars (14,000 crore rupees) is lost due to the emigration of computer experts to the U.S.  About 25% of IIT graduates are likely to move to other countries. That is just what we lose due to brain drain; it does not include what sort of investment had been made. What of the scholarship the Indian government paid? What of the hope of a better future for the people of the country?

If it was not for the brain drain then we would have already attained the developed nation tag, getting rid of the disgraceful developing tag. We would be reading the papers that an Indian had “discovered something” or “invented something” instead of the “an Indian origin…” tag. Most recent discoveries, be it in the U.S. or Europe have an Indian origin person playing a major role. What if these individuals had chosen to stay behind and helped the country grow?  Wouldn’t we be living in country far more prosperous, than the countries which are making the most out of these individuals? It is said that Indian intelligence is second to none, and these already developed countries know how to best exploit this resource.

It is true that there not many opportunities to seek in this country, that these individuals go in search of them to other countries. However wouldn’t it be better if they could create opportunities or wait a short while, as collectively these individuals could have created a better India? I hope that someday, not too far in the future, the government takes required steps to plug this massive brain drain and lead the country to prosperity.

I hope someday people will realize the value of being born in this great country, that  to leave it would be a disgraceful act. Someday people will grow beyond being just a part of the mob and rise to be recognized as a distinguished individual who had courage enough to stay back, forgetting his selfish motives and raise the country to its former glory and pride.


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