Even I want to crack a rupee joke


The other day I was reading an article on how Indians are so lazy and ‘uncreative’ . When Rakesh Sharma landed on the moon he could only describe the surreal experience with the cliched, “Saare Jahan se accha Hindustan hamara”, while Neil Armstrong came up with the clever one-liner, “One step for a man but a giant leap for mankind.”

I vehemently disagree with the Author on the creativity thing. The word prowess of Indians is now on display even on Facebook and Twitter for the world to see. The misfortunes of rupee have enticed people from all fields to make clever, innovative, sarcasm-laden jokes on the state of affairs of the economy. #Rupee has been trending on both sites for a while now.

It seems people have converted their religion from cricket to rupee. Indians are deriving a vicarious pleasure in making, liking and favoriting one-liners about the economic doom and gloom. The free fall even succeeded in waking up the sleeping Indian inside me to make a rupee joke. But however hard I tried, I could not come up with anything that hasn’t already been updated or twitted.  My mental faculties failed me. After much exhaustion, I made up a short explanation(not necessarily funny) so as to why rupee is touching new lows everyday.

So here it goes…

Sonia Gandhi’s Mother to Sonia Gandhi: Daughter, I want to leave enough money so that my next 7 to the power 7  generations can live in peace without having to resort to creating any kind of robots. It gives me the creeps. The problem is that I am falling short of zillions of money. What to do?

[Okay as an aside, Sonia Gandhi is nation’s mommy. So her mother becomes nation’s Granny??]

Sonia: Don’t worry Momma. Invest in India. I will make rupee fall to such low levels that buying land etc in India will be cheaper. I will tell Jamai babu to teach you everything about his business model. Then rupee can go up.

Her mother asks naively: But what about 2014 elections?

Pappu Gandhi  interrupts: Fikkar not Granny, If India is computer, Congress is its default programme.

Sonia: Arrey Buddhu, it seems you haven’t heard of Narendra Modi. No, I have other plans. I will get jamai babu killed(read assassinated) and get sympathy votes for Priyanka beti from these fickle Indians.(o_O)

Pappu (impressed): All hail Mommy.

#DareToThinkBeyondFakingNews. P.S. My name is Choudhury  but I am not Arindam.

If you want to read a non-faking news about why rupee is falling:



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