Recent visit by David Cameron is clearly going to define India’s relation with Britain in the upcoming future.In his three day visit to India, British Prime Minister made every effort to strengthen bonding with the country. During his stay, Mr. Cameron expressed his desire to share a special relationship with India- a relationship which is about future and not past. He showed keen interest to share an intense bonding with the developing economy and gave assurances that Britain is ready to assist India in every manner it can. Lets take a quick glance over his short visit to the country:

  • David Cameron promised that Britain will work with India and help in every way to counter increasing number of cyber threats from neighboring countries.
  • He announced to provide financial  and technological assistance to the country in many projects. Britain is already set for financial help in building economic corridor between Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • Impressed with country’s growth and development,Cameron expressed his desire that Britain not only wants to share a corporate relationship with India but also wants to connect with people,society , culture and heritage of the country.
  • He also laid greater emphasis on trade and investments between the two nations. In one of his speech, he introduced same day visa services for the investors.
  • Mr. Cameron also gave out his words that India is the largest democracy and Britain wants to be a part of immense potential and opportunity that lay in front of the booming economy.
  • Being influenced by the positive impacts of Satyamev Jayate, British Prime Minister met with Aamir Khan in Janki Devi memorial college, Delhi University. He also interacted with the students and motivated them to put their aim into action and to make use of every opportunity.
  • In the education sector, he announced that their would be no limit on the number of students who want to pursue their studies in UK and also no restriction would be laid on the duration of their stay.
  • He described Jallianwala Bagh massacre as shameful event in the history of Britain and also paid tribute to the cops and people who suffered in 26/11 attack.

David Cameron’s second visit to India in his two and half year regime clearly brings out Britain’s intention to be a partner of India in different sectors of the economy. Britain is in no mood to leave any effort to impress India, as Mr. Minister himself said, ” we want to be India’s partner of choice.” According to reports, India and Britain’s relationship grew by 23% in 2010-2011. Well, we will have to wait for some more time to see how far this relationship goes and how far it proves to be beneficial for the Indian economy. But if things work out to be in favor, India is clearly stepping up on the ladder to become world power……


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