Gujarat Business : Are you missing something big here?

Gujarat holds the largest percentage of Investments in India at $ 115 billion which is more than 15% of Total Investment. It is a foreign Investment Magnate and Entrepreneurial Incubator. Still, Didi says that Vibrant Gujarat can’t be compared to Bengal Lead (Business Summit of West Bengal). Gujarat signed MoU’s worth Rs. 10 Lakh Crore in the 6th Vibrant Gujarat Summit. Lets see what all is happening in Gujarat:

1. The Rail technology leader Bombardier has provided the 600th Metro Car to DMRC. Rail and Civil Engineers are being  given jobs in Gujarat due to the construction of MEGA (Metro Link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad). The Total Project is estimated at Rs. 15000 Crore. So, basically you can expect many feeder services and other important services like Taxis, Buses, Restaurants to emerge nearby the proposed stations.

2. McCain Foods plan to invest Rs. 350 Crore in this Fantasy State for Potato Processing. So, basically Suppliers of basic food items get huge opportunities to open up their units. This is due to the demand of more frozen foods. Intermediaries in the food market are yet to be exposed to this profit chain. But it gives training and skills to 1200 farmers in Gujarat.

3. Tata Housing Signed MoU with Gujarat for a Rs. 3500 Crore Project making 6000 housing units over 100 acres. So, Basically Connecting Infrastructure Firms will benefit like Road Construction Co’s, Mall Builders, Electricity Boards. Moreover, Brokerage firms of Real Estate are to benefit maximum. These projects extend to Rural Areas and untouched Muslim Areas.

4.  Amitabh Bachchan’s promotion of Tourism in Gujarat has opened up avenues for Business, Budget, Guest and Luxury Hotels. It is a magnate for foreign tourists. Also, Culturally rich, Gujarat’s heritage sites earn a lot through the tourism business. Tourist Travel Co’s who specialize in Gujarat are to monopolize on their market share

5.  Due to it’s Geographical locations, Big Players are investing in Wind Power and Hydel power Projects. Suzlon’s already set up 1000 MW Wind plant gives 50% output and another 600 MW plant is to be set up in the Kutch Region. Essar Ports posting a two fold jump in net profit has signed to invest Rs. 10000 Crore in the Hazira And Salaya Ports. Gujarat now has scope to become India;s Largest Import/Export Hub.

6. Gujarat has a very professional way of working, having less red tapism, it registers 85% growth in SME sector. Young and women entrepreneurs encouraged on a global platform. Recently announcing Patent Units for SMEs, it produces India’s maximum Entrepreneurs.

Let us know if you think there are any other sunrise sectors to watch out for in Gujarat for business opportunities. Are you thinking yet?


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