Cheap Apple iPhone

Apple has always been known as the Market Leader to sell high priced technologically high end phones. Well, many buyers due to the price steepness never even thought of buying. Seeing, recent trends of Samsung and other brands competing closely to Apple, Tim Cook kept the prices same of the iPhone 5.

Apple benefited due to its controlled price but lost due to technical glitches. Well, the talk of the town is that Apple is revising its prices. Umm not a wise move. They plan to keep a cheaper body cover for the iPhone made out of poly-carbonate plastic rather than an aluminium casing. Not a good option when public craves for the iPhone’s body lining.

Picture Credits: Danael Lecombe

What you are hearing these days are rumors of iPhone 6 developed on iOS 7. The parts are supposed to be of old iPhones. During Job’s time, Apple catered to High End Brand users. Shifting to another section might hamper its corporate strategy.

Apple currently is the market leader in US but loses somewhat in China and other emerging markets. What it needs to consider is bringing a technologically high priced iPhone to the table with some time gap. This makes all competitors follow Apple’s footsteps for the next year. Lets See what 2013 has in store for Apple.


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