Shop Smarter

Are you a Shopping FREAK?

Here’s something that can help you shop better!!

Two Golden Rules:

  • Always prepare a list of things you need otherwise you might end up buying something that you don’t actually need.
  • Be very patient.

Still banking upon Malls??

Try the other alternatives.


  • Know your size according to the US and the UK markets.
  • Prefer shopping in the morning hours, it helps you get hold of fresh stock.
  • Be very attentive. Don’t fall for cheap deals.
  • Read customer reviews on product quality, refunds and exchange policy before buying.
  • Always insist on cash on delivery.
  • Be very careful while making online payments.

    FLEE Markets

    Can’t repeat clothes and accessories? Like to buy cheap yet fashionable?
    Sarojini, Lajpat, Janpath, Palika are the places to go! Delhi’s got loads to offer, Explore…

    Target Market:

    Females: More fashion conscious, vast variety of stuff to offer, dynamic market.

    To Do:

    • Start early, morning hours are the best time, it fetches you cheap and fresh stock.
    • Always ensure size and quality standards before buying.
    • Don’t miss out on Bargaining!!

    Shop BETTER in Malls

    • Check websites of various brands for offers and discounts before actually visiting a mall, especially during the festive season. Look for better deals.
    • Read consumer reviews on quality of products, especially newly launched ones, before making a buying decision.

    Other Markets

    Markets for Export Surplus

    These markets are found mainly in Noida and Greater Kailash. They often have great deals to offer.

    Market for Chinese Goods

    Perhaps the most flourishing market, especially in the field of mobile phones, as it offers quality products at unbelievably low prices. These goods have captured a large market world wide.
    Think you’ve mastered the art of shopping? Help others shop better! Put in your suggestions in the comment box below.


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