Hottest profession on the block: PROTEST CONSULTANT

2013 might see the rise of a new profession: PROTEST CONSULTANT 

And what exactly do they do?  

They would start with 

a) Finding a cause 

b) Gathering masses and their participation

 c) Bringing out facebook status updates, bbm dp’s, whatsapp dp’s, bbm and whatsapp chain messages 

d) finding a spot to protest 

e) making sure twitter-facebook-google plus-linkedin-pinterest are all flooded with the cause and the protest 

f) organise the protest with snacks, drinks, caps, pens, umbrellas. Even compose whacky slogans and ‘naare’, as well as sell banners and placards with different quirky comments

g) employ people who will click your best pics for fb 

h) get media coverage

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You think joining protests and supporting a cause has become the ‘latest trend’ in Delhi/India, even if you understand the cause completely or not?

    Its the next networking joint
      No ways, I feel strongly for the cause I support
        My protest pics on fb make me look smart
          It could be my profession in the future, you know
            Yes, I go there coz all the roads lead to it
              There should be a calendar of protests and vigils, I even saw it in a magazine

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