India – A Superpower ?

There have been a respectable amount of rumors that India can turn into a superpower by 2050. Well LSE showed to us in their report that India lacks many things to even grow at a good rate in the coming years, leave becoming a superpower. Well, not being pessimistic here, we can surely monitor the shortcomings and hindrances to become a superpower.

Here are some points for review and which India as a a nation needs to imbibe:

1. Infrastructure: At this juncture, not only the metropolitan cities but also the Tier 2 and 3 cities need The Metro, State Highways, Expressways which will reduce traffic and give greater mobility over regions. Educational facilities are increasing but at a very slow pace. The Basic amenities demand needs to be met mostly in the rural areas.

2. Rural Inclusion In Growth: When most of the population in India is rural, most of the contribution to the GDP is coming from the urban population. We can grow at a minimum of 10% each year if agriculture and other activities are given benefits and are regulated by the Government. Most of the money flow should be directed towards the rural areas.

3. Education: We definitely need more colleges so that we can retain most of the abroad going students. Rather than studies, promoting talent, extra curricular activities and participation events should be held at higher levels. Also sports development needs support to reach its peak. We have budding sportsmen and the universities need to provide them with proper infra or sponsorship.

 4. Stronger Govt.: Not Congress, BJP, BSP, CPI-M, or SP can bring a change to the current or future India. Because these parties are of  an older era. Also their policies don’t sit well with most of the population and the youth. Massive protests have been held against them. They have been weakened by corruption. If we get a young people’s party we will surely slow down our growth pace but at least we will be starting afresh which can seriously bring solutions to never ending problems.


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