Is Delhi losing out major events to the NCR ?

Delhi is the capital city of India, and it was until late an unsaid rule that all major events would be hosted at Delhi. Well it was so happening until late when the NCR began to develop and develop with no limits.

With the infrastructure and luxury of space the NCR was attracting many a crowd.
Until the major events also started to slowly drift over there leaving the significance of the address of Delhi.

The F1 which was an outstanding event held a the Buddh International circuit in Noida showed to people that everything is manageable just a little away from the home ground of Delhi.

And now to add to the list is Auto Expo which has been always held at the Pragati Maidan… in the heart of Delhi, will now be held at some location in the NCR the reason for such a shift, if for sure is the infrastructure. It is also the large expanse of space available which will be able to hold massive crowds but is it not possible to create a place in Delhi or to come out with ways to manage crowds better and not let the sanctity of the capital get lost in some time.

Plus this might affect the realty prices in delhi as there has been seen a sudden shift in people tending to buy homes in NCR. But this point may come to Delhi’s rescue as the high rise approval might just be passed due to less availability of land in Delhi.


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