Youth High On Tablets..

Ipad 2 … HP Touch Pad … Galaxy… All these Small yet Powerful and an integrated PC have caught the eyes of Indian Youth these Days. And Now it’s become a habit. 65% is the share of daily tablet users who spend more than 2 hours on the tab. Plus about 3/4ths of the users, are between 20 and 40 years of age. this also tells how young corporates might be using these  tiny technoholik creatures for their presentations and college students for their projects [ Also govt will give students a 35$ tablet in the near future ] .

What does the youth look for in a tablet before buying ?

  1. Size
  2. Portability
  3. OS
  4. Weight
  5. Camera
  6. GPS
  7. PC Compatibility

Also What I think is that Young Indians use their tablets for:

  1. 41% – Web Browsing
  2. 14% – Games
  3. 13% – Messaging
  4. 12% – Conferencing
  5. 10% – Videos
  6. 10% – Corporate Apps

What also I see these days trending is that since Tablets are on the rise that too with an economical price, PC manufacturers are changing their PC Centric strategies to Tablet Centric strategies in Indian Markets. But this doesn’t mean that PC Market is dying. The PC Market will come with something tactical in the near future. Although no one knows whether another Technology comes which spoils the party for The Tablets.


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